Solyanka: Unofficial English Conversion

Solyanka is a Russian mod project for S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky that adds a lot of our old mod favourites in from Shadow of Chernobyl and the...


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Solyanka is a Russian mod project for S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky that adds a lot of our old mod favourites in from Shadow of Chernobyl and the AMK mods, such as sleeping, hunger, random blowouts etc etc.

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*SOLYANKA: Unofficial English Conversion by Overweightninja

*Original files compiled by AssassinDemon

*Version 0.3 (0.2 + hotfix)
*For Clear Sky 1.01/1.5.03
*This update should work with your previous Solyanka savegames!

Solyanka is a Russian mod project for S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky that adds a lot of our old mod favourites in from Shadow of Chernobyl and the AMK mods, such as sleeping, hunger, random blowouts etc etc.
I have converted the Solyanka mod to work with the English version of the game, and all Solyanka specific text has been translated from Russian. I have also squashed a couple of bugs I found in the mod and added a time advancement feature (originally intended as a fix, but may be useful for some in its own right).

My own additions are:
-Translation to English
-Timescale script
-Headbob removed
-Realistic weapon names (included in Russian release but had to discard and start again for English)
-Weather tweak
-All fixes mentioned in changelog below

Full credit should be given to "AssassinDemon" for compiling all other content :)


-Random Blowouts
-Sleeping bag
-Player is able to join "Clear Sky" faction
-Hunger implemented (beware there is no on screen display for hunger, keep an eye on your health! :p)
-Weight limit increased
-Headbob removed
-Default game timescale halved (x5 instead of x10)
-Tweaked weapons
-Tweaked torch
-New loading screen
-New sounds
-New graphics (especially for inventory items)
-Tweaked medical equipment
-Artifact values boosted
-Weapons no longer restricted in faction bases
-Enemies drop more loot
-Mutant loot (Worth good money to traders and scientists)
-Tweaked crosshairs
-Likeliness of thunder increased at expense of rain and cloud
-Time advancement option (see below)
-Extra artifact slots
-Realistic weapon names


Some users of the last version of Solyanka may have begun to experience CTDs when using the sleeping bag. I originally scripted this option as a workaround for these crashes (explained in more detail below) but I decided to include it on its own merit even for those who don't have problems.
This option allows the player to choose the rate of time advancement in game from the main menu. Note this does not change actual game speed (sorry no bullet time yet! :p), rather the speed with which the day passes ingame. To use this feature simply press escape to reach the main menu when you are ingame, and press the desired option. The main menu should automatically exit and the game will be set to your desired speed.

-F1: 1 minute = 1 minute		(real time)
-F2: 1 minute = 5 minutes 		(default)
-F3: 1 minute = 60 minutes		(1 hour)
-F4: 1 minute = 1440 minutes 	(24 hour)

Make sure you've had enough to eat before you use the highest speed, your health drops rather fast when the timescale is so high :)


There was a bug with the last version that caused the sleeping bag to basically become more and more buggy the more time went on. This has been fixed now so shouldn't be a problem for new users, but for those of you already experiencing CTDs here's how to get the game back on track.
Make sure you have food etc to last perhaps a couple of ingame days, or failing that just get a trainer or something so you don't lose health. Use the maximum level of time advancement to advance time until Scar becomes tired (his vision will begin to double/blur). Quickly (before Scar falls asleep of his own free) set game speed back to normal, and you should now be able to sleep. I have also re-enabled the tiredness requirement for sleep as the crashes seem to increase in frequency the more you make Scar sleep when he isn't "tired".


-FIXED Sleeping bag (CTDs (hopefully) squashed and sleeping for 2 hours now works, also see time advancement)
-FIXED Missing variable CTD in Red Forest
-FIXED Abakan damage (note this was flagged as fixed, but mistakenly not included in the 0.2 release, 0.3 is simply 0.2 + hotfix containing this file)
-ADDED Time advancement option
-ADDED Realistic weapon names
-ADDED A proper readme :o


-Just drop "gamedata" folder into your root Clear Sky directory (the same place as the file fsgame.ltx)

-Then open up fsgame.ltx with a text editor, and make sure both entries under $game_data$ are set to true as shown below:

"$game_data$             = true|	 true|  $fs_root$|            gamedata"

-Finally if this is your first time playing with Solyanka start a new game, if not this release should be compatible with your old saves.

-The opening scene of the game will take a few seconds longer than usual, and you will experience some strange behaviour from Lebedev, this is harmless.
-Sleeping bag can still cause CTDs but they can be worked around now. It seems CTDs are more likely the less tired Scar is, so if you experience a crash on sleeping, try again for fewer hours, or run Scar down a little more using time advancement. Either way I would recommend a quicksave before you bed down!
-Timescale script is not buggy in itself, however it can cause problems (especially for the AI) if over used. Try to avoid using increased timescales when any scripted events are going on (ie missions, when factions are attacking your location, transition from blowout state to non-blowout state, etc etc).
-Always keep multiple savegames, there are one or two other bugs that are non-recurring and can easily solved by reverting back a save or two (although I only had to do this once throughout the whole of the game).


Thanks to Bacon Buster for translated amk_strings.xml

Comments, queries and suggestions are always welcome, please visit the mod discussion page on the filefront forums:

I will not restrict redistribution of this mod providing this readme is included. Furthermore I will not restrict using part or all of this mod as a base for other mods either, providing both myself and AssassinDemon are correctly credited.


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