STALKER Artifact mod



This awesome mod makes the artifacts (or artefacts) in the game more powerful, both in their benefits and drawbacks.

With this mod your choice of equipped artifact must be chosen carefully.



STALKER Artifact mod 1.0
by Underwhelmed for the SA goons

This is yet another tweak to the game balance I have put together. As I was playing through the game, I felt that a lot of the artifacts were generally useless, or provided so little benefit that they really were not all that helpful. This mod tunes the effects to make the players choices of which items to equip a more important. While the beneficial effects of many artifacts have been increased to make them more useful, I have also upped the penalties a bit too, and very often there are diminishing returns for the better items (in other words an artifact with double the effect of another, will usually have more than double the penalty)


Place the modified "artefacts.ltx" file in your Stalker/gamedata/config/misc folder.
That's it. Enjoy.

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