This mod changes a lot of the audio in the game, check the readme below!



version: 1.0

Installation: Put the gamedata folder inside the "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl" folder.

This mod fixes some of the repeating spoken dialog heard throughout the game, as well as fixes the sound effects for some weapons not matching the animation when pulling them out of your inventory.  I.E. The sound plays a little bit ahead of the animation. It also has some fixes for weapons where the devs re-used the same sound for multiple different guns.  Why use the ak sound for the IL 86 when it doesn't match the animation?  Lazy?  I think so.  Anyway most should be changed/fixed, except for the "fast shooting ak".

Examples of dialog fixes include...

The scientist in Yantar who loves the word "hello".
The "Get out of here Stalker." guy in the bar area.
The guy at the entrence of the bar.  "I said come in, don't stand there, I said come in, don't stand there."
"Black Raven" guy inside the bar.

All of those, plus some others, are fixed to not repeat as much.

You may include this mod in your own mod(s), just thank it's creator, me, if you do so. - Mtang

contact: [email protected]

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