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This mod gives you more time (ten days) to complete side quests, and even enables a few other quests not in the regular game!!



S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl Quest MOD
by Azzer (www.bushtarion.com : admin at bushtarion dot com)

What it does:
* Quests now give you 10 game days to complete, not 1, so it's a bit easier to accept a few at once (was my biggest annoyance)
* Various (bugged? or just silly) quests that actually gave you negative reputation now give you positive equivalent reputation.
* Enabled quests that had been disabled (eg barman quest to recover Gordon Freeman's gun, or the Monolith suit found in Dark Valley labs, first trader wanting the "Fort" gun). Not sure how reliable enabling these is though ;)

Few notes on reputation gains (with or without mod, just interesting info about how the game is, nothing to do with what I changed):
* Trader (1st trader) "Eliminate Camp" quests also give Duty reputation/faction points.
* Trader "find artifact" quests give general reputation, but does not affect any faction alignment.
* The 1st Trader "kill stalker" quest gives Duty reputation/faction, the other kill stalker quests do not.
* The (newly enabled with mod) trader "Find item" quest gives Duty reputation/faction.
* The trader "Defend camp" quests give Duty reputation/faction.
* The trader "find monster part" quests give general reputation, but does not affect any faction alignment.
* All of the above is true for the Barman quests based on above sections (inc. only 1st stalker kill quest giving Duty rep), except the (newly enabled with mod) find item quests give no Duty rep/faction.
* All the scientist/ecologist quests (every single one) gives "ecology faction" reputation points. No idea what use this is though?
* All Duty quests give large amounts (around 10* more than barman/trader quests) of Duty faction. 
* Only 1 Duty quest gives negative freedom faction, which is a "Purge the abandoned village not far from the military warehouses from the freedomers". All other Duty quests do not affect Freedom faction.
* All Freedom quests give large amounts of Freedom faction.
* The Freedom quests "Bring the new model of the bulletproof vest", "I'll pay for the head of any Duty leader! Knock one off and come back for reward.", "Clear the village of bloodsuckers and, if possible eliminate the controller", "Destroy the Duty outpost at the Garbage as soon as possible", "Destroy the clean-up Duty faction in Rostok" all make you lose Duty faction (quite a lot generally), so be careful if you want to "work for both sides" :)
* The Freedom quest "Destroy the herd of boars and fleshes by the military warehouses" did not give any Freedom faction/reputation. My mod fixes this.
* The Freedom quest "Destroy the military camp by the Agroprom Research Institute" did make you lose Duty faction. My mod removes this loss. You still gain Freedom faction for completing it.

How To Install:
Extract the database files (see below)
Extract this mod/archive into your S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl root folder

How To extract the database (if needed):
download the extractor dbex_rel_1.rar (http://uploaded.to/?id=3dsnbn)
01 make a new folder in your stalker dir called "gamedata"
02 extract every .db file into this dir!
03 start with gamedata.db0 and end with gamedata.dba (or .dbb?)
04 make sure u extract every file!
05 backup to another folder or rename just in case something went wrong...

(note: Instructions edited from "Huztlaz's" trader mod description/readme, credit to him for the instructions)

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