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The aim of this Mod is to provide enhanced and rebalanced game play for Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl, with out straying to far from (my interpretation of) the developers original intent. This is not a realism mod, I have rebalanced many aspects including the weapons and ballistics to what I consider to be fair to gameplay, not necessarily realistic. This mod has only been tested for balance on the 'Master' skill setting, so I have disabled all other settings.

What does all this mean for you? This mod enhances the retail version of Stalker through improved; graphics, sound, performance, balance, AI/A-life, day/night weather, weapon ballistics & ragdolls, quests, trading, unique items, text/interaction, interactivity, artifacts, health & sleep system, options, hidden secrets, bug fixes and generally removes a lot of the things that just really annoy.

Version 1.05 is two years worth of work by the author. After this there will not be any more versions of this mod, this is Reb Final.

Don't forget to grab the HOTFIX!



I have really lost the motivation to write a new readme, there is a plethora of talented mod authors out there in the community who have contributed to the development of this version. If you believe I have used something of yours and not given you the appropriate credit or thanks, then please post your comments here.

The full readme, including install instructions can be found within the archive.

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