Stalker - Rebalanced Hotfix

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Stalker - Rebalanced Hotfix v1.05.3

This is Hotfix #3 for Stalker Rebalanced v1.05

The purpose of this hotfix is to address the game stopping Save / Load CTD that was present in v1.05 and to tidy up a number of issues that slipped through in the main release, more detail can be found in the readme file included.

Enjoy, Shadow.



v1.05.3 Change Log:
- Includes previous Hotfixes v1.05.1 & 1.05.2
- Reduced Save / Load CTD by:
 * Improved the efficiency of the mp_ranks.ltx file.
 * Commented out the ;dolg_eliminate_lager_11, ;dolg_eliminate_lager_12 & ;freedom_kill_stalker_5 quests as part of a work around measure until the Save / Load CTD can be fully fixed.
- Various minor balancing issues
- Tweaked NPCs vision, so now they shouldn't be able to see you very well at night or if you are hidden behind a bush.
- Massive alteration to NPC accuracy, they can no longer use pistols as if they were sniper rifles.
- Altered the physical characteristics of NPCs to allow for undetected knife kills and it also fixed the inability to drag bodies bug.
- Tweaked player naked bullet resistance
- Changed DC's 'Hunt the Bloodsucker' quest from a camp_elimination to a monster_part, so now you have to return the tentacles to DC to complete the quest. This should resolve the random times where the quest simply wouldn't complete even though you had killed all the bloodsuckers.
- Tweaked the items and drop rates found on dead Mutants.  All Mutants now have the chance to drop an item, including the Controller and Poltergeist.
- Tweaked the items found on dead bodies.  This system wasn't working as I had indented it to, now it is.  Useful items can now be found on some bodies, albeit very seldom.  Items are theamed by faction and balanced by level. eg: in later levels you will notice that you start finding more powerful ammo on dead bodies, etc.
- Quick medkit hot-key no longer uses monster parts
- Tweaked campfires
- Rostok mini-map fix (from ZRP)
- Reduced the chance of a zone rat spawning from a broken crate.
- Some minor weapon tweaks, including Gosuke's fixed SVD & SVU sprint animation.
- Fixed broken mission of killing the Snipers in Wild Territory that had the possibility of being Duty guys instead.  Now they can only be enemy snipers.
- Awesome new wpn textures by Teh Snake (LR300 & Colt m1911)

- Now with Optional Installs including:
  * Brighter / Darker Nights (DX9 Only)
  * Static Lighting (DX8 Only)
  * Photorealistic Zone Compatibility Pack
  * Increased Difficulty

Install information for Rebalanced Hotfix v1.05.3:

1. ensure you already have Stalker Rebalanced v1.05 (or later) installed correctly according to the instructions above.
2. replace / overwrite the Stalker Rebalanced v1.05 files with the v1.05.3 files contained in this archive

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