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Stalker - Rebalanced v1.04 Proper Cumlative Patch

This is a Cumulative patch for Stalker - Rebalanced & contains all previous patches, it will bring any version of Stalker - Rebalanced up to...


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This is a Cumulative patch for Stalker - Rebalanced & contains all previous patches, it will bring any version of Stalker - Rebalanced up to v1.04.

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[b]V1.04 Change Log:[/b]
Fixes / Features:
- Includes all previous patches.
- !Freeplay! thanks to DEXXX's Freeplay Mod 1.2 2007 - 2008 (thanks to Fatrap for this awesome find)(not fully tested).
- Massive rebalance of artifact probities.
- Stalker Weather Overhaul v2.2 (by Trojanuch)
- Optional Sky4CE -=SkyGRAPHICS=- MOD v1.77 (new shader effects: Deapth of Field, Motion Blur & Parallax Occlusion Mapping) or Float32 v2.0 & Sky4CE -=SkyGRAPHICS=- MOD v1.5F
- AI Pack Final by X-treame. Improves NPC grenade throwing, allows NPC's to drag dead bodies (works awesome combined with Save's Carry Mod3!).
- Rebalanced NPC weapon load-outs (especially the placement of uniques, requires restart).
- Re-activated some old loading screen images
- Made work-arounds for some known "broken quest" issues. (still under testing, requires restart)
- Outfits will now take less "wear & tear"
- Tweaked Anomaly Evader script.
- Higher chance of mutant parts on corpses.
- Mutant parts can now be eaten, thanks to Russo of ABC Inferno.
- Dead body drag bug fixed.

- Tweaked some bullet and wpn sounds.
- Awesome new sounds for AK & unique AK (thanks to stollsteffen & Darius6)
- Added in 2 new gun shot "whine" sound effects from "Iron Hawk's mod pack v1.01" thanks to james blake.

- New bullet impacts visual (thanks to EggChen)
- More variety of skins for Neutral Exo-suits. (skins from: Hectrol, Jamies & Camo Ninja)(requires restart)
- Adjusted "Fallout Flashlight" to better suit new shaders and weather.
- EggChen's "Merc Captain" texture used on Merc squad leaders (may require restart).
- Some new wpn textures
- New & improved textures for unique Abakan & Groza.
- Awesome new BM-16 texture by Teh Snake
- More new weapon posns by JRMY
- Tweaked blood and gore settings (different sized splatter depending on ammo type).
- Reduced size of rain splash
- Used some textures from Joro's "Detail Pack"
- Added Siro's new "British DPM" stalker suit.
- Added EggChen's new "Predator Bloodsucker" effect.
- Added some new ground & vehicle textures from "Nuclear Spring 1.0" By SoundPath

[b]1.04.1 Hotfix[/b]

This single file will fix a typo that was included in v1.04

Simply place the [b]monster_items.ltx[/b] file into [b]gamedataconfigmisc[/b]

Thanks go to [b]EggChen[/b] for this bug fix.

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