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Game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky Game version: (or newer) Game localization: ENG Release date: 2008-09-23 Modifications 1.01 + Fixed a bug in _g.script that caused the game to crash when loading stash that contains handgrenades + Reduced ammo dammage (But bullets are still VERY DEADLY) + Updated Freedom Mechanic Fix to 4.0 by Isilidur + Stalkers can die from bleeding (Again not just stalkers, but all humans) + Reduced the Machine gunner at Cordon even a little more...

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Download 'stoc_v101.rar' (12.31MB)

Modifications 1.0
+ More items for general trade with stalkers. 
  -- Stalkers now buys Weapons and Ammo
  -- Stalkers now sells artifacts (1% chance that they have one)
  -- Stalkers now sells unwanted/unused weapons
  -- Stalkers might be equipped with smoke grenades (GD-05)
+ More items in corpses including 
  -- 1% ~ 10% chance of an armor drop (Depending on the armor)
  -- 1% chance of an artifact
+ Reintroducing improved Merc and Monolith armors
  -- Both uses Military Upgrades
+ Tweaked Player/Stalkers stats
  -- Can carry 85 Kg (boring, I know... But I hate to have to drop useful items, due to weight restrictions)
  -- Reduced physical box of Stalkers (NPC Collision and detection)
+ Stalkers now finds and takes weapons of the ground. (But in truth, it is all humans, except zombies)
+ Tweaked Tutorial Guard (Changed his weapon to an MP5)
+ Tweaked the Machine gunner (PKM in the tower) at Cordon a bit
+ Tweaked ammo size and damage.
+ Removed the No Weapons Zones in HQ:s (Especially annoying in the buggy Train Depot)
+ Increased News/Info Messages time on hud
+ Included Freedom Mechanic Fix 3.0 by Isilidur
+ Included a modified version of Solyanka v.03 (A remake of AMK-MOD 1.4 EN 2.0)
+ Explosive Items (Part of CarryMod3 by save @
+ Changed starting time of the game, to a couple of hours earlier (since the intro dialog is during the night)
+ Changed staring equipment to correspond with the Intro video 
+ Changed autosaving interval to every 30 minutes
+ Improved flashlight
+ Randomized cost of being guided. (Maximum cost is still the original cost)

1) Copy the GAMEDATA directory into your STCS directory
     ([#]:Deep SilverS.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky)
2) Make sure that FSGAME.LTX conatins these values:

$arch_dir$              = false| false| $fs_root$
$game_arch_mp$          = false| false| $fs_root$|            mp
$arch_dir_levels$       = false| false| $fs_root$|            levels
$arch_dir_resources$    = false| false| $fs_root$|            resources
$arch_dir_localization$ = false| false| $fs_root$|            localization
$arch_dir_patches$      = false| true|  $fs_root$|            patches
$game_data$             = true|  true|  $fs_root$|            gamedata
$game_ai$               = true|  false| $game_data$|          ai
$game_spawn$            = true|  false| $game_data$|          spawns
$game_levels$           = true|  false| $game_data$|          levels
$game_meshes$           = true|  true|  $game_data$|          meshes|       *.ogf;*.omf|   Game Object files
$game_anims$            = true|  true|  $game_data$|          anims|        *.anm;*.anms|  Animation files
$game_dm$               = true|  true|  $game_data$|          meshes|       *.dm|          Detail Model files
$game_shaders$          = true|  true|  $game_data$|          shaders
$game_sounds$           = true|  true|  $game_data$|          sounds
$game_textures$         = true|  true|  $game_data$|          textures
$game_config$           = true|  false| $game_data$|          configs
$game_weathers$         = true|  false| $game_config$|        environmentweathers
$game_weather_effects$  = true|  false| $game_config$|        environmentweather_effects
$textures$              = true|  true|  $game_data$|          textures
$level$                 = false| false| $game_levels$
$game_scripts$          = true|  false| $game_data$|          scripts|      *.script|      Game script files
$logs$                  = true|  false| $app_data_root$|      logs
$screenshots$           = true|  false| $app_data_root$|      screenshots
$game_saves$            = true|  false| $app_data_root$|      savedgames
$downloads$             = false| false| $app_data_root$

3) You might need to start a new game...

Legal Stuff
Feel free to use this as you want...

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