Super F1 Grenades

Super F1 Grenades V1.6 aims to bring more fun to S.T.A.L.K.E.R by changing the explosive weapons into absurdly powerfull weapons fea...


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Super F1 Grenades V1.6 aims to bring more fun to S.T.A.L.K.E.R by changing the explosive weapons into absurdly powerfull weapons featuring different lighting effects, textures, and sounds.

The mod features: Extra powerfull Super F1 Grenades- Perfectly suited for eliminating packs of mutants.

Super Rgd-5 Radioactive Grenades- Best used on targets resistant to bullets like Psuedogiant, and Exoskeleton Stalkers.

Electro and Acidic Blood Rifle Grenades- Your all purpose "distance" round. these work well on just about everything, and they look cool too.

M209 Radioactive Grenade- For when that Exoskeleton Stalker has a sniper rifle.

RPG-7 Tactical Nuke Launcher- Rare and deadly, the ultimate weapon for any stalker. Guaranteed to keep you warm and safe at night in the Zone!!!

All weapons using radioactive damage leave 60 seconds of green light after the explosion. I recommend using Full Dynamic Lighting for the best experience, and remember that the weapons are just as dangerous to the player, as they are to the enemy. Always Use Caution When Using Them!!!:)

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Super F1 Mod v1.6 By NoMore

V1.6 fixes some explosion lighting durations,and turns the rpg-7 into
a tactical nuke launcher. i've also included custom textures for the rpg-7
and rgd-5 grenade.

Makes the f1, rgd-5, vog25, vog25p, and m209 grenades very deadly, throw ONLY from behind cover.
(i recommend holding down the right mouse button untill the meter is full before throwing
to get the most distance from the throw.)

V1.5 turns the vog25 grenades into electro grenades, and the vog25p grenades into
acidic blood grenades. 
The grenades are now (V1.4)less dangerous to the player, but caution must still 
be exercised when using them.
Modded f1, and explosion particles using the helicopter base explosion file.
Modded rgd-5 and m209 explosion particles using the fuelcan base explosion file.
60 seconds of green light present after dirty explosion (radiation grenades)
Upped frag count to 1200.
Larger frag radius.
Larger blast radius.
f1 now leaves fire burning for a short time.
f1 Now uses the helicopter explosion sound file for explosion sound.
rgd-5 and m209 Now uses the fuelcan explosion sound file for explosion sound
vog25 uses the blowout (explosion) and sound of the gravi anomaly.
vog25p uses the blowout,and sound of the witches galantine anomaly.
heli explosion adds sound to the lingering flames for a short while.
explosive barrels etc carryable, with normal stats

rpg-7 kills with an explosion/radiation combo.
rgd-5 and m209 grenades kill with radiation now.
creature files modded to make npcs vulnerable to radiation

optional grenade launcher variants included: Vog 25 - acidic blood, Vog 25p - electro
m209 -radiation damage

back up your gamedata folder before installing!
simply put the config, and textures folders into your gamedata folder found in
Stalker: SHOC/Gamedata/ and overwrite if asked to.

Simply replace your original copys as above.

You can do whatever you want with this mod, include it in your own if you want, 
just give me a little credit.:)

Email: [email protected]
filefront nickname: NoMore
GSC Gameworld stalker forum nickname: NoMore

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