Triggerhappy v 0.3 is an action packed mod that makes the flame particles and every bullet impact a lot bigger with dust clouds, smoke, sparks and debris.

Fun first, realism second. Sircostas.



TriggerHappy v 0.3

Changes to Version 0.3: I added muzzle smoke particles, smoke coming out of the barrel after you stop firing, made ALL the bullet impact particles bigger
with debris falling off and dust clouds that last for about 10 - 20 seconds, bigger metal impact sparks flying all around, bigger blood splatter with chunks of meat, 
hand grenade explosion produces dust clouds.

Let me tell you that it is great for close combat and lots of fun. It may cause you sniper guys a little loss of vision with all the smoke and dust but its
not a big deal really.

Copy the gamedata to your stalker folder and edit the fsgame to true.

open fsgame with notepad and change this line so it looks like this:
$game_data$   		= true|	true|	$fs_root$|		gamedata

I modded the particle enhancement v3 by EggChen with the mp sdk and done the textures in Photoshop
for anyone that is interested.

WARNING: I only added EggChen's Particle.xr and the pfx (along with my own pfx)
and glow textures SO it will be friendly to merge with OL and Arsenal RC1 mod.
If any problems occur leave a comment and I'll keep an eye to give instructions.
No New Game needed (I did The Trial and Error on my Savedgame, so I don't think you will have
a problem.

Hope U like it, go trigger happy and use, merge and add to your mods freely.

Particle Enhancement v3 by EggChen.

Fun first, realism second.

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