True Sky Mod Preview (AI Demo)

This file is a demo for the 'coming soon' mod: True Sky. This demo will show-off AI & a few small player changes to demonstrate the mod's at...


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This file is a demo for the 'coming soon' mod: True Sky. This demo will show-off AI & a few small player changes to demonstrate the mod's attempt to change what Clear Sky 'should have been'.

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Download 'truesky.rar' (8KB)

*Alpha Demo
*1.5.07 Only
*Demo/Finished Mod Will NOT Require New Game

This gamedata folder contains some of the AI changes from my 'soon to be released' True Sky Modification. The full release will focus on fixing all or near all of the problems, glitches, frustrations and mis-tuned mechanics of the retail and patched Clear Sky game. It will also add new, better mechanics in addition to fixes. The "fixes" in the 1.0 mod are not JUST bug corrections, but things like fixing the AK icons, un-nerfing the weapons, creating more immersion and depth by removing things what only caused you to get mad at the game.

The alpha demo here is to demonstrate what the mod will offer upon release.

Changes To AI:
NPC night vision is much less god-like, but not unbelievably bad
NPCs can lose track of you with relative ease in the depths of the night
The NPCs cant track you well through heavy brush either, so hiding in bushes will be effective now
NPC hearing is also lessened so sneaking around them is as possible as ever
The physics boxes are removed from the Human NPCs so you can sneak up and stab them easily if the dont see you
Human AI will sometimes flee when they feel they are outnumbered
	-If you chase them they will eventually give up
NPCs also bleed the same as you, so you can track them if they run and they may die from blood loss
AI take cover much, much more often

Changes To The Player:
You(the player) can run for much, much longer times but the weight limit is the same
Energy recharges extremely slow so you will have to utilize food now
	-This is a non-boring way to use the food items(final release will revamp the foods to accompany this)
You bleed quite a bit more, especially when critically hit

PLEASE! Do not use these files in your mod, and until the full beta is released I will not give permissions! This is alpha-stage previews for my coming-up mod. If you would like to contribute in any way then please email me at (or on MSN Msngr) and I would gladly explain anything you need help with. As stated, this may conflict with other changes made by Deep Silver in anything before/after the .07 patch so if you are not properly updated to that version, I cannot and will not offer help.
Thank you for downloading and I hope you enjoy the demo.
Look in the STALKER Filefront Forums to see info/updates on the final release

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