This mod reskins the

- Z-M LR300 - AKS74U - AK74 - AN94 "Abakan"

to have a neglected, unmaintained look.


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File Description

This mod reskins the

- Z-M LR300 - AKS74U - AK74 - AN94 "Abakan"

to have a neglected, unmaintained look.

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Download 'unmaintained_weapons.zip' (3.85MB)




Simply extract the zipped file into your main S.T.A.L.K.E.R. folder (usually X:\Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl). 

[The assumption is you have the default directory structure. If not, then place and reference files according to your customized directory setup.]



The pack contains reskinned:

- Z-M LR300
- AKS74U
- AK74
- AN94 "Abakan"

DESCRIPTION: Not everybody's cup of tea. Sure, most people prefer shiny new weapons (which would probably be very rare in the Zone's environment & economy). So, here we have a set of four sadly neglected, unmaintained weapons possibly exposed to the harsh environmental factors in the Zone for a prolonged period of time. To summarize in a few words: these weapons look sad and ugly :( . But for some reason running with these weapons all over the Zone actually "feels natural" ... to a large extent.

IDEA BEHIND THIS RESKIN: The idea behind this reskin (a few months ago) was based on my wrong prediction that the SP SDK is just around the corner and that it'd be nice to have a set of unmaintained decayed weapons that the player and NPCs can find on the ground outside or to assign a percentage of damaged weapons to certain military and other factions' units. Unfortunately that may not be possible for some time to come (or ever).


1. Hi-rez corrosion, dirt, paint used on all models.

2. LR300 -- badly corroded and dirty piece that blends with decaying Zone's infrastructure. A slightly older model (handgrip and handguard area).

3. AKS74U -- another badly corroded piece of weaponry. Also a slightly older model.

3. AK74 -- somebody tried to do a variety of repairs on this one, from an AN94 handguard to a Colt-style handgrip cover. Dirty and some paint or primer spilled over.

4. AN94 -- a simply sad state of this dirty and corroded AN94.

(5. I left weapons add-ons untouched since they are mostly bought and in that new state provide a very realistic contrast between decayed weapons and a new add-on. Plus the add-ons are shared among other weapons that are not in such a severe  state of decay).


Hope you enjoy!


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