Unofficial Oblivion Lost 1.3.3 Expansion Pack

This is an UNOFFICIAL Oblivion Lost enhancement. Many thanks goes to Kanyhalos who at last gave me permission to use his mod. This mod shoul...


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This is an UNOFFICIAL Oblivion Lost enhancement. Many thanks goes to Kanyhalos who at last gave me permission to use his mod. This mod should be considered a tribute to other modders for their great work. It's just a simple compilation of other's ideas + some tweaks made by me (Zaero). Read the ReadMe carefully before you'll start downloading. Please post constructive comments, and.. Have a good time!


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Download 'unofficial_ol_expansion_pack_1.2_full.7z' (122.29MB)

This is an unofficial, fan-made tribute to Oblivion Lost 1.3.3 mod (1.0005 version). The mod is made by Zaero (jan_le [at] o2 [dot] pl). This is patched (1.2) version.

To install this mod just copy the contents to your Stalker folder and agree to overwrite files (make backup first!).

Use run.bat if you want to run the game with trainer (included), disabled intros and prefetching (my game is on D:S.T.A.L.K.E.R, so edit the bat file to match your location if needed).

It is VERY RECOMMENDED to run the new game (some features will not work otherwise)!


-includes OL 1.3.3 for 1.0005 Stalker

-some nice girl's butt visible on tv (no nudity!)

-sawn-off in pistol slot, winchester 1300 is 1300 NRA (8 round normal and unique version), default knife range, grenade explodes after 3 sec (instead of 1!), minigun lightened (12 kg), much faster SPAS12 (realistic and powerful 4rnd/sec!). SPAS12 and Win 1300 more expensive.

-better/more realistic skins for: AKS-74U, AK74, Makarov, PB, MP5, Desert Eagle, Sig Sauer, USP, Walther P99, F2000, Ak47, Winchester 1300, knife.

-Show Armor protection included (fixed some issues)

-No hunger, food gives stamina (calorie dependant: bread 25%, kolbasa 50%, conserva 75%).

-Skip Sids starting monolog if you want, door stays open 

-Weight limit is 100/120, weightless sleeping bag, tpp backpack visible on Marked One, headlight is now shoulder light.

-Enabled quests that had been disabled (eg barman quest to recover Gordon Freeman's gun, or the Monolith suit found in Dark Valley labs, first trader wanting the "Fort" gun). reward_item from barmen_find_item_2 quest added to barmen_find_item_1. barmen_find_item_2 (Find Gordon's gun quest) reward_item is now wpn_mp5_m1 (so "the MP5 9x18 missing" bug is finally fixed). 

-Ability to do discreet assasinations in rostok without sounding the alarm

-Silent bar patrons (no more annoyances!)

-RuNam mod included (require start of the new game)

-Harmonica mod included and extended (7 melodies, about one minute long)

-New stalker abilities:
Stalkers now have 50% chance of finding item, they use it when found.
They bleed now and can die by it.
When they are loosing the battle they retreat to safety.
Sometimes they panic and run around scared!
Default level of player bleeding.

-Skinflint has unlimited cash (require start of the new game)

-HiRes food textures, Russian cigarettes, instruments, new exp barrel, changed bar papers and chests.

-Carry Mod 3 included and enhanced (same icon for all explosive types, quite realistic weight)

-Crosshair is now made of dots (not a single one)

-Themed traders (each sells diffrent things)

-Fullscreen scopes added

-shotguns repositioned (1300, BM16 Long, Spas12) to match the "beta style"

-16 slot belt

-weapon and ammo descryption adjusted

-crow hunt mod included

-Yantar ecolog dialogs edited, instead of ak47 and ammo he sells, F2000, Gauss and cells. (dont worry, ak47 is still in the game, ever cheaper and available earlier!)

-much smaller inventory grid (now more items visible at once)

-synchronized reload sounds of shotguns and ak74 (changed ogg files and/or scripts)

-Makarov PMM is now additional to PM (so both are available and looks/works different!)

-Saiga-12c included (modified - repositioned and capable of full auto shooting)

-Colt M4A1 added as a new weapon (new icon and skin, but no new model, sorry..)

-duty trader now sells both lr300 (fixed) and Colt M4A1 (both after rg6 mission)

-improved Saiga-12c icon

-fixed Colt M4A1 icon (when addons are mounted)

Known issues:
All issues from other mods included

Credits/other mods which I included:

-Kanyhalos and whole Oblivion Lost crew (Thanks Kany for the permission!)

-Girl on TV mod author: Heru,

-Skin authors (I used so many packs I can't remember all by now, sorry.. mail me if you're an author and I forgot about You)

-Q's Show Armor Protection author: Quaraxkad

-Skip Monolog Mini-Mod (1.0) author: Shadow State, email: solidstate8[at]bluescreen[dot]co[dot]nz

-Stalker Suit with backpack: lukass1613

-Shoulder Mounted Flashlight (1.0): Jarvis

-Gnomus's Fullscreen Scopes (1.0): Gnomus

-No Bar Alert: Luke_the_Wolf

-Silent Bar Patrons (1.0) by VampireCosmonaut

-Runam mod by Lexx2k

-Saiga-12c credits: BarbAn, tambovski, lez0, S_Cream_Err, Fantom Oblivion, xStream, Amaraldo.

-Scharfschutzen's Real M4a1 FIXED.. and unfixed (I've merged both to remove burlap band around the magazine) author Scharfschutzen

-Siro's Hunting Saiga-12C (1.1) (Saiga icon used only): Siro_Dracosin

-Me (Zaero) for some changes made for ex. adding Colt M4A1 (you may use it freely, just inform me, so I can take a closer look on your work and credit me)

I didn't asked all authors about permission so if I've violated someones will or missed some credits - I'm sorry and please mail me, we can discuss the solution.

The mod may be NOT widescreen friendly (works well on 1024x768) and is designed ONLY for english, 1.0005 version of the game. Runing a newgame is VERY recommended. 
The software comes with NO WARRANTY of any kind. Nobody exept you will be responsible for everything that may happen to your computer, data, etc USE ON YOUR OWN RISK! (works fine for me ;-)

DO NOT mail Kanyhalos or other modders exept me about any bugs which may occur.

Good huntin stalker! ;-)

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