Vandalised Firearms

Tweaks all weapons, making them more realistic and balanced. As a result, firefights are now more difficult, immersive and enjoyable. Now in...


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Tweaks all weapons, making them more realistic and balanced. As a result, firefights are now more difficult, immersive and enjoyable. Now includes a real .50 Mark XIX Desert Eagle and ammo, pistol iron sights (thanks to Karstux), and modified combat AI. Please see the readme for a full list of changes.

This is the zip file, recommended for experienced users and those who have already installed mods for S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky. If you do not have any other mods installed, it is recommended that you download the executable setup file instead.

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Download '' (806KB)

Any previous installations of Vandalised Firearms should be overwritten. Users who already have modified weapon and weapon upgrade files, for other weapon, iron sight, upgrade, trader, AI or sound mods, must use the zip installation for guaranteed compatibility.

Not to be modified and redistributed without the permission of the creator. For permission,

Version 1.10, Released 01.10.2008:

- Added a HTML format manual.
- Added pistol iron sights by Karstux.
- Added the Desert Eagle, replacing the Jericho 941.
- Added the Desert Eagle ammunition to some traders.
- Added two types of ammunition for the Desert Eagle.
- Fixed problems with damage on some handguns.
- Fixed the crash caused when trying to join Freedom.
- Decreased base accuracy for the ****c Shotgun.
- Decreased number of pellets in buckshot cartridges from 15 to 10.
- Decreased rate of fire cost for bolt recoil upgrade from 50% to 33%.
- Decreased recoil for most assault rifles.
- Increased recoil for all handguns.
- Removed the ability to add a suppressor to the Desert Eagle.
- Removed the fsgame file due to operating system compatibility issues.
- Tweaked all upgrade files for weapons.
- Tweaked mounted machineguns, making it easier to enter Cordon.
- Tweaked all 5mm rifle rounds for better balance.
- Tweaked all handgun rounds for better balance.
- Upgrading ammunition types now affect velocity.

Version 1.02, Released 21.09.2008:

- Refixed weapon upgrade problems affecting hit power.

Version 1.01, Released 20.09.2008:

- Fixed issues with weapon upgrades, namely hit power.

Version 1.0, Released 19.09.2008:

- Increased weapon damage, accuracy and recoil.
- Realistic weapon performance, based on real-life counterparts.
- Real-world weapon names and descriptions.
- Handguns are more powerful.
- Now features improved upgrade support for rifles and shotguns.
- Performance based on type of ammunition used
- Misfire probabilities are the same for all weapons, but condition depreciation differs.
- Shotguns are better balanced with other types of weapons, and are more useful.
- Game is slightly more difficult, and requires real-life tactics to succeed in firefights.
- Grenades, grenade launchers and RPGs are unmodified in this version.

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