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So, here is my third version of variational weapons.This time the Aks are accurate enough to make headshots but that's not easy so you would...


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So, here is my third version of variational weapons.This time the Aks are accurate enough to make headshots but that's not easy so you would probably use a NATO-rifle for that. That doesn't mean the Aks are worthless, they do more damage tha the NATO-rifles.

Also My own textures for the OL-weapons are in this mod.If you are using static light they look ugly-chromed, they will changes this.They will also look better on Dynamic-lightning. New weapon-sounds are they're, too. If you wanna know whats more in this little peace of mine than look in the readme...

The weapons are almost perfect for my opinion, but this is not my final version! The next will also have different rounds-per-minute rates. (G36's have this already)

You see I don't give up on OL2.2 + Arsenal! But you should know that I'm not working on this anymore... My next version will be for the "Supermod Pack V2.1 for Oblivion Lost 2.2".

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Download '' (41.07MB)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - variational weapons v3 by Reptile4077


1. Eddit the fsgame.ltx from
$game_data$ = false true $fs_root$ gamedata


$game_data$ = true true $fs_root$ gamedata

2.Install Oblivion Lost 2.2 (Link at bottom)

3.Install Arsenal RC1 (Link at bottom)

4.Copy the "Oblivion Lost 2.2 + Arsenal RC1 Merge" gamedata folder over it

5.Than the patch folder (1.0004 or 1.0005)

[optional] Overwrite it with the "new equippment" and "variational weapons v3" gamedata

--> This makes the NPCs using other weapons
--> Makes the weapons themself more different

What the hell is that for? - Variational weapons
The weapons in the Arsenal mod are awesome but to much the same.
It didn't matter which weapon you were using, because the damage and
accuraty values were just a little bit different...

Now the weapons are different!
This is maybe not realistic but better than before...
--> Every weapon got new damage and accuraty values
--> Not even one weapon is like another
--> Oblivion Lost weapons edited, too
--> Bolt got a new animation (from AMK mod)

And other things I made
--> OL2.2 don't look like chrome in static light anymore!
--> New Crosshairs (Not all made by myself), for example the gauss crooshair
--> New reload- and firesounds of some weapons (for example OL-weapons)

It is based on my previous edit.
That means...

Sig550,LR300,L85 [...] < AKs,Abakan,Groza - damage

AKs,Abakan,Groza < Sig550,LR300,L85 [...] - accuraty

Kanyhalos and the other guys who made Oblivion Lost

Zereset & Dester and their team, they made an awesome number of new weapons (Arsenal mod)

AMK team for the new animation and new stashes

Tugatoga, who merged the mods together

Reptile4077, several changes (look up)

Files required:
Oblivion Lost 2.2 = 169Mb

Arsenal RC1 = 158Mb

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