Being a massive fan of anything "wastelandy" (mad max, fallout, salute of the jugger etc) I thought id have a go at making a wasteland out o...


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Being a massive fan of anything "wastelandy" (mad max, fallout, salute of the jugger etc) I thought id have a go at making a wasteland out of Stalker. The landscape has been redone to (hopefully) look more like an apocalyptic scene. This is only a beta so I have left out some of the less important things like new music in order to keep filesize down.

Enemies can see further and so can mutants, corpses will give little ammo and other supplies making it harder to survive, im considering lowering the amounts to be found even further but i'll see if people think this is enough first.

combat is far more deadly thanks to nemboos damage mod. Hunger is also back thanks to Ceano :) There are a couple of retextures in there too such as the boar.

The extra spawns from the horror mod are included so there will be a lot more activity in the swamps still have to do the other lvls.

Have a look at the readme below for a full list of changes.

enjoy :)

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Download 'wastelandbeta.zip' (18.19MB)


The Zip file contains a folder called gamedata, unzip this folder into your Stalker CS root directory 

If you have not used mods before, you will need to find your fsgame.ltx file in the "c:programfilesdeepsilverStalker Clearsky" directory. Open this file with a text editor like 
Notepad, and find the following line:

$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

Change the false to true, i.e.:

$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

:What this mod does:

-A description has been included in the readme in the download, i took it out here because its the same as the one above this readme.-



- edited the scenery to look more apocolyptic

- edited the map textures for each lvl to make them look like deserts. (see screens)

- includes Ceano's hunger mod 1.0, you have to eat at least every 6 hours or you start to lose health and eventualy die.

- made my own skycube, its just plain blue sky but goes well with the desert setting.

- the weather has been edited so that most of the time during the day it will be clear with the sun glaring down upon you, cloudy, rainy and thundery weather has been altered to be not so frequent.

- added extra mutant spawns in the swamps via dialog, some are large packs of mutants so be careful :).  These mutants seem to run around randomly sometimes so you will find them all over the map.

- the minimap has been removed (thanks deadlytigger)

- the enemy/nuetral and mutant dots have been removed from the pda map only friendlies remain

- Added a little something extra to the conversation with the military stalker under the bridge, you have to ask him "who are you?" to see what I mean.

- the amount of ammo and other supplies found on corpses has been greatly reduced

- the amount of ammo given to you by the trader at the beginning pf the game has been reduced

- you can take out your weapons in a faction base.

- accuracy has been improved

- gun damage has been increased thanks to nemboos ammo mod (cheers nemboo) combat is now very deadly :)  You can die very quickly, even on novice.

- the AI vision attributes have been altered so that they can see a lot further

:Still to do:

-rework the ambient sounds, having birds chirping doesnt really help when all the trees are dead
- new music for every lvl
- new textures for all animals and some other things like buildings guns and armors
-new spawns on every lvl
-stuff ive forgotten atm :)


erm... me :)
Ceano for letting me use his hunger mod
Nemboo for letting me use his ammo mod
Deadlytigger for letting me know how to disable the minimap
Lobstris for telling me how to allow weapons anywhere

You can follow the mods progress at either the GSC forums or the filefront forums.

If you want to use any parts of this mod in a compilation or something then email me at d_calaghan@yahoo.com.au

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