X-46 Advanced Battlearmor Suit

This mod adds a cool new suit to the game.


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File Description

This mod adds a cool new suit to the game.

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X-46 Advanced Battlearmor Suit

Ingame Description:
This exoskeletal suit is a new protoype modification of the original battlesuits designed for extra-planetary combat by Rexler Industries for the United States Air Force. The battlesuit is built from new a newly discovered hyper-dense, but ultra light weight metal known as Quantimantium, a quantum-density alloy created in artifical "black holes". Additional onboard systems include built in night/low-light visual enhancement, radiation absorbing surface, internal inertial dampeners for kinetic/shock/concusive reduction, dual redundant power systems, and enhanced artifical musculature for large weight loads of up to 200kg weight. This advanced battlesuit is the epitomy of military defence hardware and should be undamageable by anything short of a direct hit by a 1 kiloton tactical nuclear warhead and could possibly even keep the wearer alive through that (though the suits functionality after such an event is not garunteed).

Real Description: 
I used the excellent tutorial by Niphty on the filefront forums to make this suit and wasn't going to post it until I realized that alot of people were having such difficulty with Stalker even on easy mode that maybe this could help out in reducing frustration with the game, it certainly has made me enjoy the game a bit more. I also used the 1.1 Trader all-items mod as I had difficulty getting my suit to work with the default trader files, but because I cannot find this authors name in his mod anywhere, I cannot honor his request for credit until I find out who he is, but he rocks and this will be updated with appropriate credit to him once I find him :D

Simply extract to the Stalker main directory, everything should copy to the correct folders on it's own as with most other mods.

Remove the added files from the Stalker/gamedata folder. These files are, trade_ecolog.ltx, trade_trader.ltx, unique_items.ltx (all found in the Stalker main directory /gamedata/config/misc) and string_table_outfit.xml (found in the stalker main directory /gamedata/config/text/eng).

This suit can be purchased only at the initial trader and the Scientist trader, both of which will also have enhanced stock of other items. The suit itself is very inexpensive so that it can be purchased easily. You'll only need one, it heals it's own damage before you even see it happen on the armor's health bar.

Suit Characteristics:
1. Heavy bullet protection
2. Heavy anti-bleeding protection
3. Heavy anti-electrical shock protection
4. Complete mutant claw/fang attack protection
5. Complete radiation protection (can now escape from the radiation dirt devils if you move quickly enough)
6. Heavy fire protection
7. approx. 250kg load weight and full sprint up to that weight (over weight stops you immediately)
8. Blue tinted night vision

Not many, weight limit was supposed to only be 200kg, but the game somehow translates a setting of 200 into 250, I'm thinking it's adding your normal carry weight to the suit's ability. The scientist trader MAY not have the suit, if not this will be updated quickly with a fixed verion so that you can get it in more then one place. Or if I get alot of requests to add other traders to sell it I'll do that too. If you encounter any bugs during useage, email me at [email protected] and I'll look into it.

Feel free to use, abuse, and tear this file up however you like. Copy it, chew on it, spit it in the fire, I'm cool. No restrictions on usage as far as I'm concerned, you download it, it's yours. If you decide to use it in one of your own mods for posting, I wouldn't mind a mention, but also full credit goes to Niphty for the original tutorial and to the author of the Trader all items 1.1 mod (whatever your name is, I WILL find you and credit you darnit, you cannot escape!).

Please enjoy,

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