X-46 Advanced Battlearmor Suit Optional Update

x46_update101a.zip —


This is an update to the popular X-46 Advanced Battlearmor Suit mod. This gives you options for 75%, 50%, and 25% versions of the original (100%).

This mod requires the X-46 Advanced Battlearmor Suit mod 1.01 mod to be installed to work, you can grab it here.



X-46 Advanced Battlearmor Suit Optional Update 1.01a

Gives options on protection levels afforded by the X-46 Advanced Battlearmor Suit.

Due to multiple requests, here is an update that allows you to choose your protection level for the X-46 Advanced Battlearmor Suit. Included are a 75%, 50%, and 25% level protection versions and allows for a simplified installation. Find the unique_items.ltx in your stalker main directory under gamedata/config/misc and over-write it with the version for the suit you want. Weight value remains the same for all versions. In all other respects, this suit is unchanged from the original. If you find the cost is too cheap, or wish to change some other value of the suit, the suit is named outfit_niphty_m1 in the unique_items.ltx and the values can be translated by reading through Niphty's excellent tutorial at :


Weight value of 200kg is actually 210kg, this is not a bug and was left in as a slight 5% buffer for overweight runs. If you have made other changes to your unique_items.ltx or installed a mod that changes that file, this will overwrite those changes. Methods of bringing multiple mods together can be found on the forums linked to above.

Same as before, use, abuse, do whatever you want with this file. If you use it in your own mod, gimme credit. Anything else is open season (except you cannot charge for it). There's alot of room for reinterpretation of how powerful this suit is, feel free to come up with your own variations of it. If you choose to reuse the item calls I used (outfit_niphty_m1) in your own mod, please also credit Niphty for his excellent tutorial as a source for this suit along side me.

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