Star Trek: Birth of the Federation Data Update

This official update for Star Trek: The Next Generation - Birth of the Federation fixes a crash with the tactical combat view. Compatible wi...


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This official update for Star Trek: The Next Generation - Birth of the Federation fixes a crash with the tactical combat view. Compatible with official 1.00 and 1.02 versions, but NOT the unofficial Joker patch.

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Download 'botfdata.exe' (781KB)

Star Trek: The Next Generation®
Birth of the Federation™
Data Update
ReadMe File
10 August 1999

This update fixes a crash problem in Tactical Combat. The game would sometimes crash in Tactical Combat as the ships were about to fire their weapons. This update solves that problem by replacing some of the animation files. This problem has been reported on computers running the Japanese version of Windows.

This updater does not change the version number. You can install the version 1.0.2 update either before or after running this updater.

How to Update

Note: this updater will not update an illegal copy of the game.

1.	Download the file BOTFDATA.EXE to your hard drive. (You will need about 4MB of free space on your hard drive.)
2.	Insert the Birth of the Federation disc in your CD-ROM drive. The updater requires the original game CD-ROM.
3.	Exit Birth of the Federation by clicking the Quit Game button.
4.	Double-click the BOTFDATA.EXE file to start the update.
5.	You will be prompted to select a temporary folder. The default folder is C:\BOTF\TMP. The update installer will use this temporary folder for temporary files during the update. Click the Continue button to proceed with the install.
6.	You can view the ReadMe file during the install.
7.	The updater will next automatically update your copy of Birth of the Federation by replacing some of the animation files.
8.	Click the Finish button when the updater is done.
9.	After the update is finished, you can delete the contents of the temporary folder (which defaults to C:\BOTF\TMP) including all the files.

If you are having problems updating your copy, we recommend that you completely uninstall Birth of the Federation and then reinstall the game before running the updater.

Customer Support
If none of the information above helps to solve your problem, we recommend running the MicroProse System Information utility and printing out the information displayed onscreen before calling Customer Support with a problem.

*	MicroProse
	2490 Mariner Square Loop
	Alameda, CA 94501
	ATTN: Customer Support

*	(510)864-4550
	9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time
	Monday through Friday

*	Fax

*	E-mail

Interactive Help Desk: 
For technical help with MicroProse games, check out our Interactive Help Desk at The Interactive Help Desk contains troubleshooting information for our games. You can search for help by category or by keyword.

Web Site: 
You can read the latest news and information at our Web site at Visit our site for technical support, software updates, demos, hints, tips and more.

For more information on playing Birth of the Federation online, visit our Online Games area at

To reach our Customer Support board in the Game Publishers B Forum, type go gambpub at any "!" prompt. Then select "Section 2" for MicroProse. In addition to posting and reading messages, you can download files from the "Libraries (Files)" menu. Send electronic mail to Customer Support at 76004,2223. 

How to Get Help:
If you are having problems with Birth of the Federation, we can best help you if (1) you are at your computer when you call and (2) you have the following information handy:
*	Version number of Birth of the Federation
*	Your computer's processor and its speed
*	Your computer's brand and model
*	Total RAM installed in your computer
*	Version of DirectX drivers
*	CD-ROM brand and model name
*	Video card brand and model name
*	Sound card brand and model name
*	Mouse brand and version number of mouse driver
*	Joystick brand and model name
*	Any error message you see in the game

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