Star Trek: Bridge Commander (DUPLICATE)

Star Trek: Bridge Commander is the first space simulation set in the Next Generation universe that truly puts you in command of your own Starfleet starship and crew. While on duty in a remote area...

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Star Trek Bridge Commander Mod - Armored Defiant v1.1 11.93MB 226
Quincentennial MOD (01 of 07) 26KB 243
Quincentennial MOD (02 of 07) 541.11MB 221
Quincentennial MOD (03 of 07) 604.89MB 213
Quincentennial MOD (04 of 07) 608.13MB 182
Quincentennial MOD (05 of 07) 598.76MB 228
Quincentennial MOD (06 of 07) 470.67MB 223
Generation 3 Constitution Class 18.55MB 21
Quarren's Holodeck Missions File 2 4.87MB 75
Romulan WarEagle prototype 979KB 139
Fix for the Khan system 8.29MB 106
Orgins Constitution 1701 7.68MB 551
Excelisor Refits B_style 10.56MB 347
TOS Tomahawk class 1.62MB 157
TOS F39 Research Station 790KB 162
A Civilian Cargo ship _SFYS_ 1.87MB 162
E7s SFP Interceptor Retexture 17.43MB 131
JLS Delta Quadrant Pack 2KB 226
Moed-Killallewoks BC Nebula Pack 18.36MB 201
A TOS version Jupiter Station _sfrd_ 9.73MB 180
The Excelsiors _sfrd_ 19.75MB 332
Nelson Class USS Loki 1.75MB 279
USSAegisNCC92410 5.76MB 143
Daedalus Class _sfrd_ 3.83MB 217
Spec Torps 1 152KB 117
Moed-Killallewoks BC Nebula Pack 17.57MB 134
DJ Orion Class Fix 4.54MB 171
Uss Enterprise Phase2 [sfrd] 2.21MB 163
DJ Velox Class 12.14MB 655
DJ Orion Class 4.4MB 446
DJ Albante Class 4.62MB 493
U.S.S. Strider 8.92MB 153
Type 9a Cargo Shuttle-Sphinx Workpod [rescaled] 5.52MB 140
Deep Space Nine _sfrd_ 32.09MB 529
Captain Sisko 1.84MB 104
Achilles3 4.99MB 796
Klingon TNG Torpedo SFX 98KB 96
Botany Bay _sfrd_ 8.19MB 156
SFP D7 styled warbird 1.67MB 101
Stargate Hardpoint Re balance file 7.61MB 315
Captain JRN's Big Explosions (V1.0) 13.64MB 50
FSB Vendetta 5.02MB 572
Exeter class U.S.S. Exeter NCC-1762-C 6.38MB 1,333
Damaged 1701 [sfrd] 14.81MB 137
Destroyed1701 [sfrd] 35.91MB 190
SFPO Misfit scout and drone 3 pack 7.5MB 121
TOS Intelligence Scout 1.93MB 196
Terran Empire System ModernEra -sfrd- 1.38MB 69
SFPO Pitkaranta Heavy Cruiser 3.43MB 113
SFPO Silicon Valley Destroyer 2.92MB 104