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replaced by the newer and more advanced Galaxy Class.Equipped with a high energy shield grid and Type IX Phasers, the Argonaut was one of St...


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replaced by the newer and more advanced Galaxy Class.Equipped with a high energy shield grid and Type IX Phasers, the Argonaut was one of Starfleet's premier heavy cruisers in the mid 24th century. The ship's warp drive was enhanced over previous ships of her class thanks to developments adapted from Galaxy Class R&D, giving the ship a maximum speed of warp 9.2 and a maximum sustainable cruise velocity of warp 7.Tactics:The Argonaut is a respectable ship against TNG era opponents, and powerful against TMP era. Argonaut can fire up to five photon torpedoes simultaneously either forward or aft. Shields are of even strength in each direction, have a moderate recharge rate, and hull strength is nearly that of a Galaxy Class starship. Major combat limitation is the phaser arcs, as the ship has a very limited aft firing arc. Save aft torpedoes for rear defense while using the forward torpedoes for attacking._______________________________________________________________________________USS RepublicNCC-12907Original year of construction: 2339Year of refit completion: 2378Put in dry dock after taking extensive damage at the 2nd Battle of Chintoka. As a large but old battlecruiser, the Republic spent two years in dock without repair. After that time, Starfleet selected it as the first ship to be part of an Ambassador class modernization program. With Galaxy class starships getting priority upgrades, the Republic was refitted with refurbished Type X phaser array emitters and torpedo launchers from the USS Galaxy, including two small new arrays near the aft shuttlebay. An entirely new deflector dish was installed. Adapted from the Sun Tzu Class, it was selected for its ability to create extremely powerful deflector fields and highly penetrative sensor beams.Single reactor impulse engines were added to each nacelle pylon, and the pylons themselves were shortened along the Z axis to accommodate the ship's new, sleeker warp field. This, along with a new top speed of warp 9.7, came as a result of new, reshaped warp coils. Overall engine height was adjusted to match the new coils, though a new field emitter ring had to be installed around the circumference of each nacelle. In addition, each nacelle was capped by a new, high compression bussard collector.An enlarged bridge deck made space for additional subprocessing cores and storage compartments.Non visible enhancements include included a high capacity shield grid, faster turbolifts, new bioneural circuitry and holodecks.

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