Eminence Class Enterprise F

ExplorerUnit Run: NCC-1701-F USS Enterprise NX-94833 USS EminenceCommissioned: 2387 - presentDimensions: Length: 1051mBeam: 490mHeight: 132m...


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ExplorerUnit Run: NCC-1701-F USS Enterprise NX-94833 USS EminenceCommissioned: 2387 - presentDimensions: Length: 1051mBeam: 490mHeight: 132mDecks 35Mass: 6,200,000 metric tonsCrew: 1210Armament: 18x Type XIV phaser arrays, total output 470,000 TeraWatts2x Rapid Fire Transphaisic torpedo tubes4x Type II Quantum torpedo tubes6x Type V burst fire Photon topedo tubesDefense Systems: Dual Auto modulated shield system, total capacity 8,560,000 TeraJoulesHeavy Tritanium Double hull with 10cm static Ablative armour and auto regeneration nodesAdaptive Ablative Armour GeneratorQuantum-Level Structural Integrity FieldPropulsion: Quantum Slipstream Drive Mark IWarp Equivalent: 9.99975 Sustained9.9999 For Limited TimeStrength Idecies: Beam Firepower: 9400Torpedo Firepower: 13500Weapon Range and Accuracy: 3100Shield Strength: 6170Hull Armour: 7010Speed: 40434Combat Manuverablity: 5000Overall Strength Index: 11105Diplomatic Capablility: 5Expected Hull Life: 150Refit Cycle: Minor: 1 yearStandard: 4 yearsMajor: 15 yearsSince its my ship i wanted it to be as awesome as possible so i gave it all the best (but i tried to be reasonable) tech possible. Cosidering the new technology Voyager brought back, plus some stuff that 7 of 9 could provide of borg technology, the strength indecies got a little bloated and i had to take some liberties on the numbers, but I tried to stick to the Daystrom Institute Technical Library [link] ship strength formula. Things like shields and phasers and manuverabiltiy i just gave a "small" time=better boost. The quantum level SIF is to make up for Federations starships inablity to remain intact during a slipstream flight. I added some what i call auto regeneration node that the Feds took from some Borg tech. While not as advanced as the borg equivalent, it can automatically replace via replicators/transporers some major components of hull and other systems when damgaged. I tried to keep all of the dimensions proportional to that of the Sovereign so i wasn't just making stuff up.http://samuelkowal906.deviantart.com/art/End-Of-The-Road-55494013

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