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starship- Star Trek XI*This makes the older version downloadable athttp://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/STXI_Uniforms_and_STTMP_Uniform...


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starship- Star Trek XI*This makes the older version downloadable athttp://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/STXI_Uniforms_and_STTMP_Uniforms_TC;104355andhttp://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/STMP_uniforms;104995absolutely OUTDATED.All five versions are provided of a separate mutator, nothing you have already installed will be overwrittenexcept the outdated version previously described*-----------------------------------------The Original Series 1st Pilot: "The Cage"-----------------------------------------Bridge crew (and extra bridge characters) dress uniforms similar to that shown in the 1st Pilot: The Cage,with colors faded more than the TOS and without the black v-neck.- Patterns used are improvised;- Insignias (ComBadges) are canon;- Not all the crew members dress high-neck uniform.-------------------The Original Series-------------------Bridge crew (and extra bridge characters) uniform are the most possible Canon.- Were used patterns that might make the idea of the original tissue;- Insignias (ComBadges) are canon;- Admiral Liu's dress is novel but credible.------------------The Motion Picture------------------Bridge crew (and extra bridge characters) uniforms are improved:- Patterns used remain improvised;- Insignias (ComBadges) are canon;- Bio-bukles are canon;- Insignia (details on the shoulder) where added;- Not all the crew members dress low-neck uniform.Now there is an Admiral on the bridge (one of extra male characters).-----------------------The USS Kelvin starship-----------------------Bridge crew (and extra bridge characters) dress uniforms similar to that shown onboard the USS Kelvin.- Patterns used are absolutely improvised;- Insignias (ComBadges) are canon.These uniforms are at their provisional version, but i release the same because is not in my future plans toimprove them.------------Star Trek XI------------Bridge crew (and extra bridge characters) uniforms are as colse as possible to what was seen in the movie:- Patterns used for the shirts are of good quality;- Insignas (ComBadges) are canon and were resized.- Some of the women wear short sleeves;- Saffi dress the correct Command Gold uniform;- Graff's black suite was improved;- Admiral Liu's uniform was unchanged since the last verision.

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