Star Trek: Klingon Academy

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Star Trek Klingon Academy Mod - Romulan Dawn 61.78MB 73
Borg assimilated Federation Eagle Police Escort 1.16MB 70
Cloaked Fire Mod 1.58MB 161
Death Strike Battleship 642KB 81
Inga Cruiser 1.01MB 57
Jec Update 52KB 53
Klingon Academy - Belle Morta Romulan Battleship 247KB 69
Klingon Academy - Black Pearl 742KB 90
Klingon Academy - Endgame Shuttle 406KB 70
Klingon Academy - Endgame Voyager 1.03MB 316
Klingon Academy - Klingon Defiant 1.55MB 207
Klingon Academy - Raven's Mod Pack 1 8.04MB 351
Klingon Academy - Raven's Mod Pack 2 4.78MB 245
Klingon Academy - Reman Warbird Scimitar 4.92MB 471
Klingon Academy - Skin Shield Pack 590KB 97
Klingon Academy - USS Freedom Fighter 1.38MB 77
Klingon Academy - USS Vengeance 63KB 155
Original Vorcha 1.85MB 141
RIS Swift Eagle 822KB 39
Romulan base 3.01MB 88
Romulan Raptor Class 2.21MB 89
Romulan Shrike Class Destroyer 677KB 64
Star Trek: Klingon Academy - USS Executioner 3.05MB 401
TMP assimilated Federation Miranda class light cru 1.4MB 25
TMP assimilated Fed Ulysses class dreadnaught 279KB 87
TMP Captured Romulan Bird Of Prey Class Destroyer 120KB 55
TMP D7a 497KB 77
TMP Excelsior class battle cruiser refit 1.15MB 136
TMP Klingon Bird Of Prey Escort 377KB 68
TMP Miranda Class Science Vessel 122KB 66
TMP Okinawa Class Frigate Refit 1.27MB 70
TNG Cube 298KB 362
TNG D'deredix Warbird Class Battleship 774KB 199
TNG Jem'Hadar fighter 546KB 231
TNG King Cobra 77KB 75
TNG Miranda class freighter 295KB 67
TNG Rekor 79KB 76
TOS Eagle Class Police Ship 467KB 60
TOS Federation Class Dreadnaught 253KB 204
TOS Miranda Class Light Cruiser 1.11MB 118
TOS Romulan Bop Update 6KB 25
TOS Saladin Class Destroyer 175KB 148