Star Trek: Legacy

Star Trek Legacy begins a few years after the end of the TV-series Star Trek Enterprise. Starfleet is growing fast and new technologies have been introduced like the tractor beam or starbases. You tak...

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Name Rating Filesize Downloads
Aftermath Add-on Pack F 8.08MB 253
TB3 Map Preview 286KB 44
Aftermath Add-on Pack D 11.74MB 205
Trek Battles III - Screenshot Collection 45.67MB 329
Aftermath Add-on Pack C 22.82MB 347
Strider class 6.54MB 107
Hornet class 5.69MB 205
Lyne System 36KB 87
Aftermath Add-on Pack B 19.97MB 389
Star Trek Explosions(V 2.0) 92KB 173
Constitution Class Yamato Subtype 6.27MB 336
Erinia System (The Orb) 1.32MB 81
TMP Era Phaser And Repair Mod 341KB 95
Aftermath Add-on Pack A 5MB 493
Super Cube 37KB 141
Borg-Enhanced Soulwolf Class 5.85MB 152
Titan Class 1.71MB 399
Shrike Class 6.2MB 76
Quantum Pulse Phasers 141KB 159
Sianarame System 629KB 197
Tri-Cobalt Device 116KB 159
U.S.S. Ares 6.05MB 581
Archetype Class (Sovereign-X) 5.17MB 550
Generation NXs 1.27MB 179
Proxima upgrade 585KB 81
CJ Larkin's fantastic techni-colour but not for the weak sighted gameplay 17KB 363
Romulan Bird Of Prey 5.21MB 568
Imperial Excelsior Refit Mk 4 831KB 98
Quantum Phasers 5KB 265
ATP Mod (Aft Torpedo Mod) 814KB 89
Pulse Class (Steamrunner Vairant) 871KB 142
Fluidic Space Contest Entry (acidfluxxbass) 3.69MB 97
Borg Retexture Contest 1 3.14MB 61
Trionus Sector 3.47MB 268
Original Super NES Arwing 189KB 144
Bird Of Prey TNG Refit 1.12MB 83
NX-X Class 3.98MB 350
Nightmare map 645KB 98
Cardassian Klingon Contest entry 1 (acidfluxxbass) 3.62MB 99
Ku'Rist Fighter 17.07MB 133
U.S.S. Devore 5.09MB 105
Romulan Galaxy 1.27MB 83
Galaxy Class X Refit 3.62MB 622
Thunderchild Class Destroyer 405KB 147
Joslin Class 13.54MB 316
Splash Screen Contest Entry 6 873KB 22
Acid Fluxx Bass - Corridor Of Fame 18.27MB 76
Romulan Negh'var 3.48MB 93
tj_hawk's Screenshot Pack 1.52MB 23
U.S.S.Scorpion 10.82MB 442