Star Trek: Legacy

Star Trek Legacy begins a few years after the end of the TV-series Star Trek Enterprise. Starfleet is growing fast and new technologies have been introduced like the tractor beam or starbases. You tak...

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Name Rating Filesize Downloads
Imperial Akira Class 3.12MB 34
Federation F-18 Rextexture 2.99MB 29
Federation Bird Of Prey Retexture 919KB 18
STL: Fire At Will 81.16MB 43
Legacy Armored Voyager 15.43MB 372
Imperial Constitution Refit 2.3MB 71
D5 Refit 6.75MB 40
Aftermath Add-on Pack F 8.08MB 252
TB3 Map Preview 286KB 44
Terran Sovereign Class 3.59MB 75
Terran Sovereign Class 3.54MB 47
U.S.S. Obama 31.01MB 366
Legacy Files PotD Pack 16 4.53MB 106
Kuza class Destroyer 1.36MB 92
Imperial Norway Class 1.13MB 67
Legacy Files PotD Pack 15 7.47MB 112
Star Trek Legacy 1.3 7.45MB 319
Aftermath Add-on Pack E 9.8MB 334
Battlestar Valkyrie 5.46MB 304
USS Platinum Variant 1.88MB 97
TMP Federation Surak Class 2.04MB 59
Imperial Steamrunner Class 1.18MB 79
Arrowhead Class (Legacy Files 1000th File) 2.18MB 208
Terran Terok Nor 4.69MB 99
Atherstone Class 4.17MB 223
Aftermath Add-on Packs A-D 48.13MB 469
Legacy Files PotD Pack 14 8.1MB 104
Aftermath Add-on Pack D 11.74MB 204
Alpha Quadrant Transphasic Torpedo Mod 539KB 90
Class F Shuttle 3.02MB 174
Exeter Class 1.66MB 175
Kvort -Quantum Photon Torp Pulse 415KB 54
kvort Photon Torpedo Pulse 13KB 48
Dissection of an ODF Starship File: Overview and Troubleshooting Tips 344KB 166
K'vek Class 4.58MB 179
The Whitestar (Trek Battles & Ultimate Universe Compatibility Patches 279KB 143
War Ship Intrepid Reft 6.8MB 342
Armor Generator Voyager 6.97MB 280
Intrepid Class 14.63MB 136
Intrepid Refit Update 3.13MB 89
De Lancey Class 2.77MB 103
USS Yeager 14.56MB 343
Constitution Phase I (Trek XI) 1.99MB 420
The Whitestar (Babylon 5 Contest) 1.8MB 434
Romulan T'Torean 6.66MB 110
Trek Battles III - Screenshot Collection 45.67MB 329
Romulan Surak 2.47MB 42
Terain system 1.38MB 83
Aftermath Add-on Pack C 22.82MB 346
Federation Warbird 2.0 7.97MB 115