2007 Contest Role of Honour

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Published by IKS_Yo_Mama 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
[b]Legacy Files Contests : Role of Honour for 2007[/b]
[list] [b]Starship Contest[/b] [*]Winner : Alliance Class [*]Authors : Tiptop/NCC1717/gdata [*][url="http://legacy.filefront.com/file/2007_Starship_Contest_Winner;85465"]Click here to download[/url] [/list] [list] [b]Banner Contest[/b] [*] Winner : Sovereign001 [/list] [list] [b]Map Contest[/b] [*] Winner : Saphira Naru [*] Author : tjoz [*] [url="http://legacy.filefront.com/file/2007_MapMission_Contest_Winner;85195"]Click here to download[/url] [/list] [list] [b]Mission Contest[/b] [*] Winner : Kobayashi Maru [*] Author : gdata [*] [url="http://legacy.filefront.com/file/2007_MapMission_Contest_Runnersup;85197"]Click here to download[/url][i] Note: is coupled with Map Contest Runners up[/i] [/list] [list] [b]Retexture Contest[/b] [*] Winner : Borg Sphere [*] Author : Wilv [*] [url="http://legacy.filefront.com/file/2007_Retexture_Contest_Winner;84803"]Click here to download[/url] [/list] [list] [b]GUI Contest[/b] [*]N/A [/list] [list] [b]Scripting Contest[/b] [*] N/A [/list] [list] [b]Weapons Contest[/b] [*]Contest not held [/list] The actual winners page will be updated when I get the chance (sometime over the next day or two)
[b]What's in store for 2008 Contests?[/b]
The next round of contests will be held in March, and will be a bit different - proposals include making them more specific to test modders abilities. Also the contests will last until May to give modders the chance to really put in effort. It is hoped that more people enter them as it is a good experience to have. There will be more contests in the late summer and then before Christmas which will be also different. Some ideas that are being tinkered with: [b]Weapons Contest[/b] [*]Make a fast-firing flak type torpedo..(like BSG's) [*]Make a specific weapon from another Sci-fi show (Stargate, BSG) Both of which would require scripting and retexturing skills [b]Retexture Contests [/b] [*]Make the ringless Solar System Planets via retexture [*]Retexture a Federation ship into an assimilated ship [*]Retexture a Klingon ship hull to look like BSG type hull [*]Retexture a background to look like a description given [b]Starship Contest[/b] [*]Create a TOS or ENT era Federation Ship [*]Create a Future era ship (any race) [*]Create a brand new Romulan ship (any era) [*]Create a brand new Klingon Battlecruiser (any era) [b]Map Contest [/b] [*]Create a map that suits a description given [*]Recreate maps from other Trek games : such as - Ikolis Expanse or Pleiades cluster from Armada 1 - Vesuvi or Beol Systems from Bridge Commander - Fludic Space or Bora System from Armada 2 - Adeptus System from Starfleet Command 3 [i]These would all require planets to be retextured[/i] [b]Mission Contest[/b] [*]Create a Dominion War mission from a given description [*]Create a Recon Mission located on the Romulan Neutral Zone for either Federation or Klingons [b]Scripting Contest[/b] [*]No real specifics. Submit anything [b]GUI Contest[/b] [*]No real specifics. Submit anything So that's that, if people have any ideas for the next round of contests then don't hesitate to drop me an email. :thumbsup:
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