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Published by Amagosa987 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
I apologise for posting this moan to everyone. Since many of you work extreamly hard to better the game in every way you can. However an issue has returned to the community which IKS touched on a few months ago. This is more for the new modders of the community than anything else, but I thought I should post it so that all are aware. Recent Submissions to legacy files have lacked the appropriate rights to allow them to be validated on the website. When you submit a file, if you are porting from an external source or even from a mod already made here.You must ask permission from the original author before submitting it. People may think all you have to do is credit the appropriate people before you add it to the site. This is not so, while it is courteous to credit the original modder, you need their permission before you edit their work. Secondly, another detail I would like to inform the newcomers of. As you are aware we have a concept PoTD section at the weekends where anyone can submit edited images of their legacy ideas. Upon Submitting a Concept please put the caption in the following format: "Concept - Insert caption here". Oh and dont forget the Competitions are still open for at least another week! So keep the entries coming in! Regards The Legacy Files Team
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