Aftermath 1.9 canceled, 2.0 next release

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Published by gdata 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Some news on Aftermath for everyone, first the bad then the new.

As of today, Aftermath 1.9 has been canceled and will not be released. Instead of having to delay the release of 1.9 (which will have clashed with an internal release), we have decided to not release 1.9 and instead make 2.0 an external release (in Aftermath, all odd releases are public releases, evens being internals). Progress on 1.9 had almost 100mb of additional textures, new AI, rebalanced odf files, new graphics (without running Shaders 3.0 support), new race, Death Match map rebuilds and many more.

With our 2.0 release, that will contain everything that the canceled 1.9 would have had plus a few areas we will announce today which are:

  • Sabotage Mode (new game mode, plus a secondary component)
  • Survival Mode
  • Two campaign type modes (more on these two later on)
  • New interface
  • XML tutorial
  • Plus many more xml, odf and AI changes

Also with 2.0, we have a few surprises lined up with maps. In short, the next evolution in map making will take place... We are also changing the delivery method of many existing features and will be looking into changing the way in how Skirmish mode is set out.

We also are looking for new beta testers and additional team members to spread out the workload.

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