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Published by IKS_Yo_Mama 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
[center]Aftermath 2.0[/center] It has been a very long time in development, but Aftermath 2.0 is finally out and ready for download. Over 7 months of work has gone into this release and has proven to be a nightmare development period for us. Though as the saying goes, there is light at the end of the tunnel... That light being Aftermath 2.0. The new release is our largest and most in-depth release to date with the core fundamentals of Aftermath being heavily modified to usher in the new Cycle 2 development phase. We introduce some new team members to the Aftermath team (Barihawk, Skeeter and Trekky on our main team. On our Affiliate team we have Dontdrunkimshoot and Accurus). We also see the first fruits of our labour in a new field, textures. Aftermath 2.0 is our first release where we have ventured into the texture world and we have got some pretty impressive results. Aftermath 2.0 sees the addition of over 150mb of new textures ranging from ships, registries, interface, weapons and more. With mass changes to glow, specs and dif maps on many of the ships to dramatic differences in textures many areas were changed in the texture department. Take a look at our new look Borg ships, our updated ENT era Federation and the new addition to Aftermath: Terrans. Our script work continued at full steam too with the additions of two fully scripted game modes, Earth Romulan Wars and SFA. Earth Romulan Wars is the first of many campaign type modes which expands on the conflict between Starfleet and the Romulans. This mode gets new missions added every release. With SFA, its a training mode to introduce players to the various aspects of space combat in Legacy. SFA missions will be of both combat and non-combat oriented. Another mode to make its way into Aftermath 2.0 is the return of the Survival mode. This mode returns after over a year of absence from the Legacy modding community and is just a small taste of whats in store for future releases. We have yet again made more advancements in our AI to incorporate Advanced Threat Analysis (ATA). This means our enemies are far smarter than their looks suggest. Be prepaired to see enemies team up to take down stronger enemies and see everyone make more wiser decisions on who to attack. The enemy will only attack ships they know they stand a chance against, just hope you dont pick a Nova and find yourself going up against a Borg Cube... See advanced fleet tactics and tactical assignments (now based on weapon fire rates and payload). There are plenty more changes to our AI. Aftermath has always delivered the most advanced AI ever created for any Legacy mod and this release lives up to that promise. There are more maps now in Aftermath 2.0 with an emphasis placed on Co-op Wave this time. In 2.0, we have the first wave of the new cycle of Co-op Wave maps that feature enemies that switch out depending on era. The advanced map design principles of the Armada modes has been applied to Co-op Wave to take the mode to a whole new level. Then we have something new for Cycle 2; Ascension. What is Ascensiopn?? Ascension is the name for our interface system. For the Cycle 2 releases, Ascension is a brand new interface system. Its much more than just a new look, its all new code too. As each release comes out, more features are added to Ascension such as multi-tiered menu systems, showcase applications and seamless transitions just to name a few. Aftermath 2.0 will be available to Legacy Files within the next few days Apart from our new release, we also have a new home now thanks to the guys at Star-Trek-Games. They have kindly given us a new home and have welcomed us into their community. A link to our new home is below. A special thanks to Jigalypuff and Skeeter for that. Thats is all from the Aftermath team. Enjoy our latest release, Aftermath 2.0 (when its available to Legacy Files) and we will see you all again further down the road. We have a special release coming in around a month or two depending on current events. But be patient and you people here will be able to get your hands on Aftermath 2.0.
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