Aftermath 2009, new team, darker territory...

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Welcome to a new year for Aftermath. This year, Aftermath enters a new phase. Throughout the year you will see Aftermath make a shift to more darker themes which will be found throughout the mod in areas like maps, ships, missions and more. Aftermath is now coming into its second year of development and we have many surprises in store.

Beginning with January, we have Add-on Pack D coming out at the end of the month. Also we have the first recompile of Aftermath 2.0 that will include all the add-on packs released since late last year (Add-on Packs A-D). Apart from the normal mod downloads, we will start introducing media based downloads throughout 2009 too. You will be able to download videos, picture packs and wallpapers from the downloads area. There may be other special downloads throughout the year too.

For 2009, our team has expanded yet again. We have introduced two new team members since last year and a new partnership with another mod team. Our new team members are Acidfluxxbass and J Picard from Team Exxperience. Not only do we have two new team members, but we have started a partnership with the mod team 'Team Exxperience' (creates mods for Legacy and Bridge Commander). The partnership will see the two teams work with each other in development of Aftermath and TE based projects, resource sharing and training in areas of Legacy modding. We have found these partnerships in the past beneficial to all. Our previous partnerships include OEM, New Gen and the TLG modding teams. Content made by Acidfluxxbass and J Picard will start to filter out starting with Add-on Pack D.

With new maps, ships, missions, textures and more to come for 09, this will be one massive year for Aftermath. Aftermath enters its third major phase this year. The first phase brought a new dimension to Legacy. The second phase revolutionized Legacy. The third is set to transform Legacy into something completely different. With the most darkest themed content entering development, new areas of modding will be introduced to portray new emotions such as humiliation, defeat, deceit. aggression and revenge. The cookie-cutter approach to missions will be thrown out the window. That stuff will be kept for the Historical missions. We will be introducing some of the most darkest material created for ST games

This year, Aftermath shifts into darker territory. We also have a surprise in store for later in the year...

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