Aftermath Add-on Pack B Released

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Published by IKS_Yo_Mama 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
The next add-on pack to Aftermath 2.0 has been released, Add-on Pack B. Following on from the very successful first add-on pack, these add-ons will see more frequent and higher quality Aftermath releases. Add-on Pack B contains double the amount of content that was found in the last pack we put out. What you get are 6 lots of textures for ships, 4 maps and new HUD elements. This is also the first release in which our new team member, Max Loef contributed to. With the texture work, you get to see the following new looks: Romulan Warbird. She now looks more sinister and power-evoking than her previous stock look. Although looking more war-like, she still maintains the graceful lines and elegance of the Romulan ships of that era. Romulan Heavy Defender. A drastic transformation of the Heavy Defender, she now has a completely different look. Gone is the heavy and bloated stock look and in its place is a more sleeker, elegant ship that holds a clearer design lineage spanning from the earlier ENT era designs right through to the modern TNG era designs. Federation Intrepid. The transformation of the Intrepid is a result of three peoples work (Gamemaster, Trekky and Max Loef). With glow work completed in earlier Aftermath releases by Gamemaster, the Intrepid gets further work by both Trekky and Max Loef to turn her into a higher quality ship with a much higher level of detail. Federation Defiant. Already a ship made for war, the new look Defiant further expands on that while providing a higher detailed and more darker look. She is now perfect for hiding behind moons or much larger ships ready to spring out to cause damage. Federation Akira. Now with a new set of bumps, see the Akira in the most highest level of detail for any stock ship in Legacy. Federation Sovereign. With new bumps, the Sovereign now looks more powerful to portray the proper Federation flagship that she is. The maps now, already Tygosia was released in the very first Aftermath release but sees a lighting overhaul for Pack B. The new maps contained are as follow: Ardana (4 players). Ardana is a medium sized map that best shows off later era Romulan ships and TMP era Federation ships. With its minimal design yet maximum impact with advanced lighting techniques and backdrops, this map does justice to many of the ships contained in Legacy. Orion Nebula (4 players). Another medium sized map, this map gives the sense of you being in some of the outer clouds of the Orion Nebula. A bright map, the battles are fast paced due to the close proximity of the players. This is not a map for anyone to slack off in and enjoy the scenery as you will start missing some of your fleet. Ortegga (8 players). Ortegga is a large map but is also a prototype map. Currently in its early stages, the map is a twin star system that has caused many distortion ribbons throughout the sector due to the higher gravity pull of the twin stars. With the two stars feeding off each other, it provides a dead or dying feel to the map. This map is one of many maps that will be introducing highly advanced map making techniques that will be unique to Aftermath in later releases. Also in the pack are the first look at how our new HUD is shaping up. We have new photon and phaser reticles along with a redesign to the radar element. These bits of work are the first in a major overhaul of the HUD (in-game interface). Add-on Pack B is currently at the Aftermath site but will be available to Legacy Files and ModDB within the next couple days. ------- In other news, Aftermath is now available to Linux users! Thanks to our partnership with RapidGames, they have redistributed Aftermath 2.0 so it is available to both Linux and Windows users. If you are a Linux user, head over to RapidGames to pick up the Linux version of Aftermath 2.0.
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