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Published by IKS_Yo_Mama 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
[b]Aftermath November Update[/b] A new month and a progress report on what is going on with Aftermath. This news post will take a different direction to all the previous ones as this one there will be some bad news but there is good news too. It not all doom and gloom. Hit you with the bad stuff first… As some people already know, Aftermath 2.0 was the last Aftermath release. We will no longer be making large releases as we will never get them out. So it now official, we are no longer working on major releases. The time that goes into them is not worth it. Development blows out to several months over and then leads to canned releases (we are now at 4 canned releases which where Stage 2 and 3, 1.9 and 2.2). Lengthy developments places stress, frustration and lowers team morale which will further dampen the end result. So this is why I have made the decision to end the major releases for Aftermath. However, this does not mean Aftermath has closed up shop. Instead Aftermath is shifting to add-ons from now on. The success of our first one was the deciding factor in Aftermaths future. With 2.0, we have a solid foundation to continually add new material without having to go through rebuilds of the mod to get everything working properly. This also puts an end to the lengthy development periods as we only deal with a small amount of content per add-on. This allows us to have unprecedented levels of quality control over a major release. The stress and frustration is taken out by going the add-on route as we don’t have to worry about bulking up a release or making sure our content is justified for the long development time it had (the main reason 1.9 was cancelled. Not enough work to justify the development time). Another plus for the add-on route is it doesn’t need the full development team either. This allows each team member to make their own add-ons and lets them step up and take more responsibility with themselves and with their work. The add-on route direction has been properly thought out though. A plan is set in place that every 4th add-on will see a recompile of 2.0 that includes all previous add-ons. The fourth add-on will be bundled up with the recompile and also be available separately. Some other good news is the team has expanded since last release. We now have a new permanent team member on for the remainder of all Aftermath projects. We welcome Max Loef onto Aftermath. He has overseen the development of Aftermath from the beginning and will now play a part in how it develops in the future.
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