August TLG 3.0 Update

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Published by IKS_Yo_Mama 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Well well, here is some really good news. After months of secrecy and comm silence from the guys over at TLG they have finally come out of the shadows to give us a much needed update and alas they are still doing some serious behind-the-scenes work on TLG. I'll let Accurus take it from here;

Accurus It has been a long time since I have posted any updates on the progress of TLG 3.0. After an inquiry on Legacy Files over the weekend as to a status update on the project I figured it had been long enough and about time for me to post some info for you folks. Currently we are on the ninth internal beta for the project and working on beta ten. As for an ETA on when it is going to be done we honestly don’t know. We are making some massive changes to TLG and in really it should be called TLG 5.0 or 6.0 if our previous changelogs were used as indicators of version numbers.

Currently I have an eight page word document outlying all the changes myself and the others on the team have made to TLG. We are working on a few projects currently with more on our list of to do’s. TNG is getting a massive overhaul of the stats since we noticed that some of the changes didn’t make their way into TLG 2.3. We are also reworking all Wolf 359 ships so that they use stock textures. This way these ships will look like they actually belong with other Legacy stock ships. We are also doing a lot of work on the Dominion/Breen/Cardassian ships by improving the models, and stats for them.

The stat changes being made in all eras will give more balanced and canon gameplay. It will also allow us to rework our entire CP system that will be simpler to use but also force players to construct fleets with multiple ship types rather than just four super ships. This should allow for more diverse gameplay in online, skirmish, armada, and our new campaign modes. You will probably a couple times a week a TLG 3.0 game online with Ilithi Dragon and myself play testing online. <> I have just spoken with Rogue Angyl who is reporting that the single player campaign is going well. He is putting the finishing touches on the third mission of the campaign and it should be ready for internal beta testing. We will try to put out a demo of some of the missions before TLG 3.0 comes out.

We are as always in need of more beta testers and team members. Just send the team a PM or post in a thread if you are interested. We will be trying to setup large online matches to get good multiplayer playtesting in. If you are interested in participating let us know.


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