Contest voting begins (Updated: Please Check!!)

By IKS_Yo_Mama 16 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Evening All Voting for the Contests will take place in our Forums. Below are the listings of the contests involved. [b]Update[/b]: The Splash Contests have been divided into 3 Heats.. The best of the Heats will be put into a final on saturday and the winner will be shown on Monday after the final is held. Follow the Link for each of the contests: [url="http://forums.filefront.com/star-trek-legacy-general-discussion/376561-armoured-sovereign-contest.html"]Armoured Sovereign Contest [/url] [url="http://forums.filefront.com/star-trek-legacy-general-discussion/376564-assimilated-warbird-contest.html"]Assimilated Warbird Contest[/url] [url="http://forums.filefront.com/star-trek-legacy-general-discussion/376565-fluidic-space-map-contest.html"]Fludic Space Map Contest[/url] [url="http://forums.filefront.com/star-trek-legacy-general-discussion/376748-heat-1-splash-screen-contest.html"]Splash Screen Contest: Heat 1[/url] [url="http://forums.filefront.com/star-trek-legacy-general-discussion/376750-heat-2-splash-screen-contest.html"]Splash Screen Contest: Heat 2[/url] [url="http://forums.filefront.com/star-trek-legacy-general-discussion/376751-heat-3-splash-screen-contest.html"]Splash Screen Contest: Heat 3[/url] Contest voting will be over on thursday and Saturday, please check the specific contest thread on the forum to see at what exact time the voting finishes. [b]Oh and before I forget[/b], you must be a [b]member of the forums[/b] and signed in before you can vote..so you either sign in or sign up..it's free. This is to stop double voting or vote padding.. These polls will be fair and incorruptable. - [b]IKS[/b]

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