FASA Star Trek Designs

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Published by IKS_Yo_Mama 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
[b]nx9117's FASA Designs[/b]
Remember the Real Models to Mods we had on the site a good few months back? Well this is the next in line from nx9117 who is providing old Star Trek models, designs and specs for modders to draw inspiration from. This time it's the FASA Star Trek Models.. huh FASA? :confused: FASA used to do roleplaying games and miniature wargames. They had published the first licensed Star Trek RPG and also provided several manuals to supplement the RPG. Why do this? well good question, I am an ardent fan of Star Trek and I believe that showing old real life scaled models and old starship manuals could inspire modders to use the designs to build a ship or two for Legacy or even if a modder from another Star Trek gaming site is passing by they may have a look-see. Therefore it is an article of interest. Anyone remember the FASA mod for Starfleet Command? Possibly one of the best mods for SFC I have ever played. Well maybe we can see some FASA ships in Legacy too! All these ships are of an age of Trek thats written into 'lore maybe some of you could bring them back into the 21st century! The thing to note about all these designs is back in the early and mid 80's before the Next Generation came out all of these were considered canon by the majority of Star Trek fans! [b]So here is the first in the series of FASA Designs [/b] [u][b]Note:[/b][/u]: If you look at the Romulans closely you will notice that Legacy's [i]Battlehawk[/i] is there in the manual as the [i]M-4 (Wings of Justice)[/i] as is the [i]Skyhawk [/i]as the [i]V-9 Night Flyer[/i] years before any of the games became a realization! (1985 to be exact, older than a lot of people around these parts) :) Click on each thumnail for full specs
The Klingons Ship list
D-10 [i]Riskadh Class[/i] VIII / X CRUISER
L-9 [i]Saber Class[/i] X Frigate
D-18 [i]Gull Class [/i]VII / IX Destroyer
L-24[i] Ever-Victorious Class[/i] XIII Battleship (A bit of a beast)
L-13 [i]Fat Man Class[/i] IX / XI Battleship
D-11 [i]One Wing Class[/i] VI / VII Destroyer (very odd ship)
D-16 [i]Swiftwind Class[/i] VI Destroyer
The Romulans Ship list
N-8 [i]Mandukam Class[/i] II Gunboat
T-5 [i]Fire Swarm Class[/i] V / VI Destroyer
M-8 [i]NightWing Class [/i]VIII Assault Ship
M-4 [i]Wings of Justice Class[/i] IX Troop Transport (Legacy's Battlehawk)
V-27 [i]Comet of Destruction Class[/i] XII Cruiser (looks like the Winged Defender with mirrored wings)
T-10 [i]Bright One Class[/i] VI Destroyer
Z-1 [i]Nova Class [/i]XIII Battleship
V-9 [i]Night Flyer Class[/i] VI Cruiser (Legacy's Skyhawk)
Any questions can be forwarded on to me (IKS via FF mail system) or NX9117 (nx9117[AT]comcast.net) :thumbsup:
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