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Published by IKS_Yo_Mama 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Earlier this evening, Legacy Files conducted a pretty lengthy interview with the two terrible twins gdata and yopyop, who also happen to be the leaders of the New Gen Mod Team. In this interview we discussed New Gen's current works in progress, Resistance and Trek Battles 3.

So sit back and enjoy the transcript from that Interview!

Resistance & Trek Battles 3: Interview with New Gen Mod Team

Date: 23/12/2008 Time: 19:31:39 (GMT)

IKS: Okay guys so you guys have stated that you will be releasing two total conversions, resistance and Trek Battles 3. To deal with Resistance first.. is it still under a veil of secrecy or can you reveal some features/ideas for it? gdata: The main idea of Resistance is to combine several elements of Sci-Fi, so there are going to be several different elements of Trek, Star Wars and also Stargate. Whether another Sci-Fi series or movie will be added or not has not been decided, yet.

IKS: I see, so it is still in the concept stage?

yopyop: Yeah, that's quite the basic idea behind it. One could say so, yes

gdata: Partwise. A few models have been completed, though.

yopyop: Yeah but we are still more in the process of gathering idas than really executing them

IKS: Can you reveal what the basic story or concept behind it is? yopyop: Not at this early stage, sorry

IKS: I see, so basically of the two planned total conversions Resistance will be the one released later?

yopyop: Ye, definately

IKS: I see, does this mean that the team will be working on Trek Battles 3 while doing Resistance as a side project? Is Resistance based off of the dynamics of Trek Battles? In other words will it be like an expansion to Trek Battles or will it be built entirely from scratch? gdata: We considered building it from scratch, but it seemed like it would turn in another Trek Battles, so we intend to release it as an addon at the current stage, but this may change. The team does not consider it a side project, it's just that we did not really start working on it, since chrisluskey and shadowbuilder, whose idea Resistance is, have been busy with real life recently, but at the moment things are speeding up.

IKS: Sounds promising, do you envisage releasing Resistance in 2009 or is there already a planned date for release?

yopyop: Well...there's no real date for now but we do intend to release it in 2009.

IKS: Nice..okay so swiftly moving on to the next topic Trek Battles 3.. How much is this going to differ from Trek Battles 2? gdata: There are several things we intend to change in Trek Battles 3 and some of them have already been done. First we added Gamemodes, as they are already in other mods, such as UUM or Aftermath. Then we redid the interface and made it more efficient. The missions menu isn't as complex anymore as it used to be in TB2. Moreover ghugh made a new design for the Interface. Another main idea behind TB3 is to improve the overall quality of the mod, thus a lot of ships have been replaced with better ones.

IKS: Ah yes speaking of the Gamemodes, you seem to have a new mode which hasn't been done before - the Capture the Starbase! Can you tell me more about that? gdata: If I remember correctly, it was yopyop's and Hellraiser's idea. They wanted to create an equivalent to the Capture the Flag mode in FPS games. First we wanted to make a Capture the Dilithium mode, but then we decided to do it for a Starbase. The Dilithium idea went into another direction. Basically your objective is to board the enemy's base, while the enemy is trying to board yours.

IKS: Cool, is there a time limit to this mode?

gdata: We're trying to incorporate it similar to the Co-Op Wave mode and then a time limit will be chosen individually.

IKS: So basically its a scripted mission?

yopyop: Kind of. yeah

gdata: Yes. It's a mission, but we recently discovered that the deathmatch script can be overidden, so there are lots of new possibilites especially for multiplayer.

IKS: Brilliant! I like the term "possibilties" :) while on the topic of game modes, you guys have said there will be a "Custom Mission" mode..that sounds extremely intresting, tell us a ltitle about it?

gdata: The Custom Mission works similar as the new UUM Tools and we already released a beta version of it on Legacy Files included in the new STL Manager Beta a few months ago. There are a few changes compared to the old version. We were able to create an application that's capable of reading odfs and consequently this should work with any major mod and also the stock game. The advantage of Trek Battles 3 is that it offers way more maps than the usual Custom Mission does, but as already mentioned this mode is not restricted to Trek Battles, since we want everyone to be able to choose his allies and enemies. Even if it might sound and also is a little bit complicated.

yopyop: A "little" bit. haha :D

IKS: But in terms of it being a mode, when a player selects the option to play the "custom mission" mode what exactly will they be getting?

gdata: They will get a previously selected fleet of enemy and allies. In the end it's nothing more than a deathmatch with the simply difference that you could choose your opponent.

IKS: Ah sweet, are there any plans to incorporate this feature into all deathmatch types?

gdata: We have been looking into that and also talked to other modders outside the team and it does not look that good. It might be possible, but we are not sure how to do that, yet.

IKS: I see, are these the only two modes that you are planning for TB3? or is there more in the works?

gdata: In the last weeks we developed two more, but they are not as spectacular. We also intend to create another mode, which is still in the basic conceptual stage.

IKS: Are they secret or can you elaborate on those?

gdata: I can tell you something on one of those, since I already mentioned the dilithium freighter idea:

gdata: The Legacy developers originally intended to add more modes than Deathmatch and Co-Op and there have also been scripts for this in the Mission Editor download. For example there was an escort mode, and you have to protect a convoy of freighters while your opponent tries to destroy it. So we decided to develop our own 'Escort' mode and here the player has to escort only one ship that depends from map to map while several AI fleets will try to destroy it. The closer you get to the target the more difficult the whole thing will become.

IKS: ah like a turkey shoot/ gauntlet run! :) Are there plans to do a capture the flag mode such as seen in Armada 2 Multiplayer, where you have to capture an object and return it to base?

yopyop: That was our first idea, wehn we talked about new modes (capture the delithium, you remember?), but we decided to first concentrate on the starbase mode and maybe later, if we figure out how to do (if it's even possible) to insert some kind of "round" into the multiplayer, so the freighter/flag/whatever will be resetted after being returned to your base.

IKS: I see... another feature you guys are planning is the ODF Parser, can you explain what this feature is about?

gdata: The odf parser is more a background feature than an actual one. It offers us - the developers - more possibilites to do the work of several hours or even days within a few seconds. We use the parser to find issues with the odfs or other bugs and also to keep for example our set of map editor files up to date so that we don't have to add each ship manually to the editor, but this is only one example. But in the end the player will not be able to use it as a real feature. He or she will only profit from the result we were able to achieve with it.

IKS: Ah so is it an addon, independent from the game

yopyop: No, more like a background-worker

IKS: Like the built-in mission editor?

gdata: Yes, basically it's a dll and you need to know how to use it. I will see whether I get the time to create a documentation and release it.

IKS: How much skill or knowledge will the end user have to have in order to successfully use it?

gdata: He should be aquainted with a .NET Coding language.

IKS: Don't forget she! marius! :p

gdata: Of course.

yopyop: }>, but it's actual more like a modding tool, so the common player won't really use it

IKS: Yep, I see. back to actual ingame features, you guys mentioned updates concerning the Mulitplayer races? can you tell us anything about that?

gdata: One of the main issues with Legacy was and still is that only 4 races - namely the stock races - can be chosen in multiplayer. We made some minor changes to the race configuration and removed the Breen and added the so called Multiplayer Race, which contains duplicated ships of every non stock ships plus the Romulans, because we had to use one of the stock slots for the new race.

IKS: I see going back to what you stated about the menu system, is it going to be themed to a specific era as you did in TB2 or will it be totally different design?

yopyop: Well it is nothing completely new, but not as canon as one could think


yopyop: It is loosely based on the TCARS system seen on the USS Relativity, a 29th century timeship. Tcars, not Lcars xD

IKS: Phew! So its not going to be an Eye sore then! the old TB2 menu was kinda retro 80's funky

yopyop: With all that purple, yes :)

gdata: Let's hope Anunc8, our former menu designer, won't read this interview ;)

yopyop: Aw, well his design wasn't bad

IKS: Oh no! I liked the TB2 design it felt like being on an excelsior ship

yopyop: That's what was intended

IKS: Other than the main features and menu overhaul will we see new ships or map objects?

yopyop: Of course there will be new ships in tb3, but we decided that it is just as important to bring older or even stock ships to the same level of quality. that's why we started to replace some of the stock ships. as you can see on stl-files the strider looks quite promising, aye?

gdata: Yes, we did not and do not want to create a simply content addon.

IKS: Si senior! are Tiptop's fleets going to be included?

yopyop: Of course

gdata: We've been given permission to use all of tiptop's work and we really appreciate that.

IKS: Yes there's a whole era involved that fleet alone! What about improving the map backgrounds and nebulae?

gdata: To tell you the truth, this is still something we've got problems with, since we're lacking the people with the necessary time and skill, but we will of course do our very best to solve this problem.

IKS: Lol is that an invitation? ;)

gdata: That depends on you ;)

IKS: We'll see. So on to the big question, when is the planned release

yopyop: As you may know, we intended to release TB3 excactly one year after TB2, on 25th december (the day after tomorrow), but as time went by we realized that this wouldn't be enough time for tb3 to became what it's supposed to become. a great TC. so we postponed the reales until further notice, but we really try to releas it before "duke nukem forever", but to take the same saying as 3drealms: "It's done, when it's done".

gdata: But it won't take forever ;) We've taken two other dates into consideration, because one always needs a goal to work towards, and it's looking quite good that we will finish the mod in time. But we will make a public announcement regarding the release very soon.

yopyop: Yes, progress is going quite well

IKS: Okay sounds good, anymore nuggets of information you guys are hiding about this mod that you'd care to share?

yopyop: As for now, the oly thing we can say is that everyone that liked tb2 will love tb3. and that the waiting will be worth it. ;)

IKS: Ah I knew there was one thing I forgot to ask you guys - lag...some users compained about lag in TB2, is there any plans to reduce the loading times in TB3?

yopyop: Well, the most noticable lag would be the one when you switch trough the available ships in the fleet-selection menu. we are trying to reduce this but it is mainly caused because the game loads and renders all the ships at once.

IKS: Plus the fact that you have animations running in the background

gdata: Well yes, we will also try to optimize the particle effects for slower videocards and also developed a tool that's scanning the users system and telling the user whether he can use the latest Shaders or not, so we're trying our very best to reduce lag and compatability issues.

IKS: Cool, well thats all the questions I have so I guess we can wrap it up there unless you have anything else to add?

gdata: I don't...

yopyop: thing.

IKS: No I wont marry you Philip!!

gdata: ;)

yopyop: In regard of new-gen, lately everyone always talks only about tb and resistance. but there is another thing that new gen consists of, and that made it popular in the first place

gdata: Now he's getting pathetic:rolleyes:

yopyop: Small and single additions to the game, such as ports, texture tweaks, maps and stuff

yopyop: Lol, now, i just wanted to add that we have also some of those coming up ;)

IKS: Thats cool..Well I'll leave you gentlemen be..thanks for taking the time to do the interview.. Tschuss!

yopyop: Okay, see you ;)

gdata: Servus! That's what the bavarians would say...also thank you for this interview, Brian. Always nice to talk to you.

yopyop: I can only second that. *adé*

IKS: See ye

Interview End Time: 21:15:44(GMT) __________________________________________

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