Last call for all contests (important info)

By IKS_Yo_Mama 16 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Ladies and Gents, The Legacy Files Contests are coming to a close soon enough, though I have given extensions to all of them until the 28th! Thats right, all current ongoing contests will close on Sunday of next week instead of the tomorrow. I have done this because people seem to still be working on entries and the christmas season has crept up on alot of people. So all contests will close in 8 days so try to get your final entries in before the final final final closing date. Here is a reminder of what contests we have ongoing!
    [url="http://legacy.filefront.com/info/starship2008"]Starship Contests[/url] [url="http://legacy.filefront.com/info/missions2008"]Mission Contests[/url] [url="http://legacy.filefront.com/info/gui2008"]GUI Contests[/url] [url="http://legacy.filefront.com/info/banner08"]Banner Contest[/url]

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