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Dear friends of Legacyfiles and associated Filefront network sites, I write here today for the last time...for I am embarking on a new chapter of my life - University. I feel it would be unfair to remain a staff member here as I could not complete my duties to the level which I have expected of myself for the past year I have been here. I would like to give someone else the wonderful opportunity which is to work within a web-structure as diverse and rich as the Filefront Network. Legacyfiles itself has been a great place to work...I've seen it from its initial stages and seen both the game and the community evolve and create wondrous and exciting downloads full of creativity and brilliance for anyone who stumbles across our humble domain. The community is what drives games as they age and we all know that even when Legacy was first released, its popularity dwindled. Thanks to teams of modders like 'Chris Jones Gaming, 'Newgen' and the 'Aftermath crew' , Legacy has remained a game of great interest. I must also give thanks to those individual modders, those whose accomplishments have never failed to impress and set a new bar to which the quality of a modification is measured from. Speaking of individuals, I'd also like to thank the following people for making my stay here at Legacyfiles an enjoyable one: Brian (IKS) Joelteon Acidfluxxbass gdata Chris Admiral Hocking. I hope that Legacyfiles remains long after I have gone and I hope that who-ever is elected to fill my position will enjoy everything which comes with the job. I look forward to downloading interesting content for my Legacy installation when I am back in a position to do so! So, for now, good bye and good luck :) P.s. - death to one-voters! :rock: -Michael.
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