Mod Contests Updated [Important]

By IKS_Yo_Mama 15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Hi all, some important info about the contests. Several updates have been done to the current contests. The community will now vote the winners via Polls, either held here on the main poll or in the forums (don't worry links will be provided if so). Every entry will be posted when it is sent to us, and whenever I get the time to upload them, and each entry will be linked on the respective contest page too (in order to allow people to see the full list of entries). I suppose the biggest updates are really the extension of the contests (thanks to feedback from acidfluxbass) and the addition of the splash screen contest. I've re-evaluated the length of time the contests will take place, given the fact that May is a bitch of a month for exams for many people (me included) so all current contests are closing on July 25th. The Splash Screen contest is an interesting and easy contest so check it out here - http://legacy.filefront.com/info/splash2008 - [b]IKS[/b]

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