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Published by IKS_Yo_Mama 12 years ago , last updated 1 year ago
A bit of good news in the Mod Development sector....A possible way to convert the old SOD file (that is the model format in the Armada series) to M3D format of Star Trek Legacy. There are some minor issues to report however. These issues are to do with the hard points, although that is all that is being divulged at this moment in time. It was brought to our attention that a mod (Prometheus Class ) from Armada2 was successfully converted to Legacy. If the final testing is complete this mod will be available for download here on Legacy Files. If this final test is completed with success then the old SOD file extentions .sod can be changed to .M3D allowing any ships/stations from Armada2 to function in Legacy. We are not too sure how this is possible yet but since it appears the game was built off the Star Trek Armada game engine it still recognizes the configurations of .SOD files. Another exciting find is the texture files, the Targa files (.tga) from Armada2 can operate successfully with the M3D format in Legacy. Apaprently one doesn't need to use the dds files for the M3D files. It has been reported that at least three files have been ported to some extent already - a Star Destroyer, Dominion Ship, and the Prometheus Class. Note: this is not a 100% guarantee... I'll keep you posted as much as I can on this matter.
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