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The nEw-GEN Mod team is currently developing a new mod for Star Trek Legacy and needs a few new team members who are interested in modding Star Trek Legacy. Unfortunately we are not able to tell you much about this project, since it is still in the early stages of development. You can use this Application Form to apply. The team staff will review your application soon. These are the currently open postions:

Porter Required Skills:

  • Basic Milkshape skills
  • Basic Photoshop skills
  • Basic odf skills

Optional Skills:

  • Advanced Milkshape/3ds max skills (Smoothing)

Modeler Required Skills:

  • Advanced Milkshape/3ds max skills
  • Basic Photoshop skills

Optional Skills:

  • Advanced Photoshop skills

(Re-)Texturer Required Skills:

  • Advanced Photoshop skills

Optional Skills:

  • Basic UVW-Mapping skills

Mapper/Mission Scripter Required Skills:

  • Mapping skills

Optional Skills:

  • Mission Scripting skills
  • C++ skills

Menu Designer Required Skills:

  • Advanced Photoshop Skills

Optional Skills:

  • Basic XML-Skills

Beta Testers Note: Beta Testing means not only reporting bugs, but also trying to fix them (at least if it is something that can be easily fixed) Required Skills:

  • Basic Odf skills
  • Basic Modding experience

Optional Skills:

  • Advanced Modding experience
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