New Modding Contests Launched 2

By IKS_Yo_Mama 17 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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We will be launching no less than 5 new modding competitions this month, two have already being launched and 2 are being launched today. The five new modding competitions are as follows 1: Legacy Files Retexture Contest (Launched) 2: Legacy Files Map/Mission Contest (Launched) 3: The Starship Competition 4: [b]Legacy Files Scripting Contest[/b] (Launhced Today) 5: [b]The GUI Competition[/b] (Launched Today) The GUI and Scripting Contests join the Retexture and Map/Mission Contestsup on the site under the new Modding Contest section on the left menu of the main webpage (under the "Vote for Legacy Files Section") The last one will be launched in due time so if you are interested then check out the launched competitions. Scripting Contest - [url]http://legacy.filefront.com/info/competition_scripting[/url] GUI Contest - [url]http://legacy.filefront.com/info/competition_gui[/url] Retexture Contest - [url]http://legacy.filefront.com/info/competition_retexture[/url] Map/Mission Contest - [url]http://legacy.filefront.com/info/competition_mapmission[/url] ;)

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