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Published by gdata 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hey guys, here we've got some nice promo material for Phoenix's upcoming TMP pack:

Ok people, how's this to wetten your taste buds, this is the TMP pack from my Oberth Ship Pack, this has taken some many painstakingly long hours to do, but for my 4th or 5th from scratch model i am very happy with it,

The TMP pack consists of the following 3 ships, many thanks to tjoz for these wickedly sexy pics:

This mod will work with all mods, not tested on TLG or Trek Battles, all others work fine, The one released with UUM 2.0 will have some better added features, but this is as said just to wet your appetite

This is the Gaurdian Class: gaurdian.jpggaurdian2.jpggaurdian_battle.jpgguardian_armidus.jpgguardian_armidus2.jpgguardian_armidus3.jpg

The Oberth Medical Ship oberth_medical.jpg

The Standard Oberth Oberth1.jpgoberth2.jpg

Hope you all like them as much i enjoyed making them. Many Thanks, Phoenix

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