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By IKS_Yo_Mama 17 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Hello all, This is a reminder of the Banner Contest. This is the first of the weekly reminders and I even gone to the trouble of adding the Legacy Files "Font" to this news item to get some of you started. Remember there are 8 weeks left till the closing date!! [code] [img]http://www.geocities.com/asder_zxc/legacylogofont.PNG[/img][/code] Here is the [url="http://legacy.filefront.com/info/competition_banner"]link to the webpage containing all the info[/url], or alternatively you can read below! Legacy Files are holding a contest to celebrate it's first birthday in September.. This special contest is a Banner Contest. The banner contest is a contest where you are given a chance to make a banner which will replace the current one. If you are interested then please read all the info posted below. [b]Requirements for the banner. Please read[/b] [list] [*]The banner size must be exactly 980 x 100 pixels. No more, no Less. [*]There must be a black coloured border of size 1 surrounding your banner( This is included in the 980 x 100 size requirement) [*]You must use the Star Trek Legacy Files font which is in the current/original banner [*]The Star Trek Legacy Files font should preferably be centered or at least near the center it cannot be aligned too far to the right or left. It must be at least 250 pixels from the left and at least 400 pixels from the right. [*]You may use PotDs, mods and official wallpapers in the banner..However asking the owner of the Potd and/or Mod for permission would be the decent thing to do. [*]Remember the more suitable the banner is to the theme "Legacy" and "Star Trek" the better.. i.e Only Star Trek ships. [*]Entries should be in jpeg format although it is acceptable to submit bitmaps, bitmaps will be converted to jpeg so we cannot assume responsibity for the quality of the banner after the conversion. [/list] Entries will be judged by Legacy Files staff and the Network Administrators. There is [i]no special preference[/i], anyone can enter and [b]anyone can win[/b]. Winning banner will be chosen on several aspects. [list] [*]Suitability to the site. [*]Overall design [*]Completion of the requirements [*]How it relates to the theme of "Legacy" [/list] All entries are to be emailed to brianATstlegacyfilesDOTcom with the title of the email beginning with "Legacy Banner Contest". It is also wise to add your Filefront Username to the email to recieve your prize should you win it. You may submit a [b]maximum of 5 banners[/b]. Closing date for the contest is [b]Monday 3rd of September[/b]. Winning Banner will be shown on the Friday the 7th of September so if you want to win then get cracking!! [b]What the winner gets.[/b] As a prize / token of appreciation the winning banner's creator will get a 12-month FastPass (ad-free surfing of the Network Sites, FileFront.com and Gaming Forums) along with the bragging rights for creating the new banner for Legacy Files. [b]Note:[/b] A reminder will be posted up every week at a set time to remind people of this contest. Also a page will be setup on the right menu to keep the contest in public view. Regards IKS

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