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Introducing the [b]Pimp My Starship!!!![/b] novelty ship contest Some like them so hate them...Novelty ships.. Though here in this contest you have an excuse to vandalize starships by slapping on some bright coloured paint on the hull or add some chrome-plated bussards, a better stereo sound system for the peeps down in engineering or anything that can add a bit of bling bling. I guess the more humour and the more wacky the ship is in the end would be the best way to win this thing...This contest is not for wimps who want to change the colour of the nacelles to make the ship look slightly better No! this is for those crazy b*stards out there who enjoy "flourescent hull-painting" and "defacing starships to the point of insanity" :p Here are a few examples of Novelty ships
You can "pimp" or "vandalize" (whatever way you look at it) any starship or vessel in Legacy. If it's gonna be another person's ship then get permission to disfigure and mutilate their ship :p. This contest is basically for anyone who has got a sense of humour about modding novelty ships so let's put a bit of fun back into novelty ships. You can access the listing for this contest over on the Left Menu under the "Active Contests" subsection or by following this [url="http://legacy.filefront.com/info/novelty2008"]link[/url] The Contest closes on October 25th. All entries to be uploaded to the file system as normal but the title must have the word "pimped" in it. Example: [i]Pimped Sovereign[/i]. Good luck :thumbsup:

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