Real Models to Mods Challenge

By IKS_Yo_Mama 17 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Calling all modders and moddellers. Who likes a challenge? Well if you do then read on. Introducing the "Real models to mods project" challenge for Legacy. I have been recently contacted by a fan of Trek, nx9117, who designs and creates his very own real-life models of Star Trek starships. He has been building Star Trek models and displaying for conventions here in Kansas City for over 10 years and would like to know if it is possible to covert them into playable mods for Legacy? I have agreed to help him get some interest in this little venture. I have attached a bunch of screenshots for one of his creations...the Chaluch Class!. Given that I am an avid fan of Klingons I think this design is absolutely beautiful. [u]From the Author[/u] [i]Here is a Klingon Model of the K.D.F Chaluch Class 'Assassins Dagger' for the TOS/TMP era. I have taken off one of the wings for a better image of the underside. [b]I will ship the actual model if you want to get a better view of it [/b]to add it to the mod, since my camera kind of really sucks. I will pay for all shipping, and have at least 10 other ships from all eras to be viewed for consideration.[/i] I have also added this to the forums entitled [url="http://forums.filefront.com/star-trek-legacy-general-discussion/313268-real-models-mods-challenge.html"] Real Models to Mods Challenge[/url]and I also added it to the[url="http://forums.filefront.com/stl-modding-editing/292727-official-legacy-starship-request-11.html#post3668689"] Official Starship Request List[/url]. If you are interested in partaking in this project then either contact me (IKS) at [email protected] or nx9117 at [email protected]. Also you can respond via the forums too. Have a nice day ;)

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