Real Models to Mods Challenge - Part 3

By IKS_Yo_Mama 17 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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And on to Part three. This time it's the turn for the TMP era. This is the Torrent Class. Similiar to a Constellation Class it is a very sweet design. The Challenge is simple. Can you create a mod for Legacy resembling these vessels from what you see here... If you do indeed need an actual real life model or more shots the modeller is more than happy to send it to you (and in the case of the scaled model, he will pay the shipping/packaging). I have agreed to keep posting updates on these Real Models to Mods Challenge on the site to drum up some interest. [u]From nx9117 (the Modeller)[/u] [i] Hello again!! These pics are of the U.S.S. ASH, P.T.( Phantom Tech designs)-101-A. TORRENT CLASS. This is a late TOS or TMP vessel. I made this ship to be a PHOTON INTERCEPTER. A tandem warp nacelle configuration was used as seen in starfleet prototypes. Please let me know if further specs of any ship shown so far are needed. THANKS again!!! [/i] I will be adding these cool starships to the forums entitled [url="http://forums.filefront.com/star-trek-legacy-general-discussion/313268-real-models-mods-challenge.html"] Real Models to Mods Challenge[/url] and I also added it to the[url="http://forums.filefront.com/stl-modding-editing/292727-official-legacy-starship-request-11.html#post3668689"] Official Starship Request List[/url]. If you are interested in partaking in this project then either contact me (IKS) at [email protected] or nx9117 at [email protected]. Also you can respond via the forums too. Anyone responding to the call? [url="http://legacy.filefront.com/news/Real_Models_to_Mods_Challenge;33373"]Go to Part 1[/url] [url="http://legacy.filefront.com/news/Real_Models_to_Mods_Challenge;33449"]Go to Part 2[/url]

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