Real Models to Mods Challenge - Part 4 (Updated!!!)

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Published by IKS_Yo_Mama 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
[i][b]Edit:[/b] Updated the 16th June.[/i] After a bit of a break, the Real Models to Mods Challenge is back, this time it's part 4 with two new ships. We have already had[b] TipTop[/b]'s fantastic replica of the [url=";79802"]I.K.S. Intruder[/url] from Part 2. All the RMtM models are definately worth checking out and to prove it, here we have the[i] Shelby [/i]and [i]Patton Class[/i] Starships. The Shelby is definately a Mod to consider, a Galaxy-type Heavy Cruiser :cool: while the Patton is a TMP era Corvette which looks like it could pack quite a nasty punch. The Challenge is simple. Can you create a mod for Legacy resembling these vessels from what you see here... If you do indeed need more pics we can arrange for that. I have agreed to keep posting updates on these Real Models to Mods Challenge on the site to drum up some interest. [u]From nx9117 (the Modeller)[/u] [i] The TNG ship is the U.S.S. WOLF, NCC-359, Shelby class a heavy cruiser. The next is the U.S.S. THOR, NCC-7001 (made when only decals from model were avalible,not much to make out of 1701) Patton class Command/assault cruiser. Both ships have suffered warping due to being in storage for soooo long. also wanted to see if you think that a combining of the chaluch and intruder would make for a more appealling addition (and challange) to the TNG eara?? Thanks again for all, nx [/i] If you are interested in creating one of these beautiful vessels then either contact me (IKS) at [email protected] or nx9117 at [email protected] Also you can respond via the forums too. Thanks :thumbsup: [url=";33373"]Go to Part 1[/url] [url=";33449"]Go to Part 2[/url] [url=";33483"]Go to Part 3[/url]
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