Real Models to Mods Challenge - Part 6

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Here is the 6th installment of the Real Models to Mods Challenge. In part 6 there are two ships, well half ships! :). The first ship is the U.S.S. DAGGER. [b]U.S.S. Dagger background [/b]- [i]This was used in a main diorama for all the Star Trek conventions here in K.C. it had the Dagger adrift as 4 Klingon D-7s converge on her, the U.S.S. ARGO was in the very back of the display as in an attempt to render aid. This was all done in forced prospective and REALLY looked AWESOME. Back-story was that this ship(Dagger) a prototype cloaking platform was ambushed at a test facility while in trial runs by the Klingons who were manipulated by the Romulans (as usual) after loosing their cloaking device to Capt. Kirk[/i] The Second is the damaged U.S.S. Constellation, Constitution Class from famous Doomsday episode. Both are interesting models and the later would certainly fit well into a special mission for Legacy based on the Doomsday episode. All the RMtM models are definately worth considering creating for Legacy and to prove their worth The Challenge is simple. Can you create a mod for Legacy resembling these vessels from what you see here... If you do indeed need more pics we can arrange for that. I have agreed to keep posting updates on these Real Models to Mods Challenge on the site to drum up some interest. [u]From nx9117 (the Modeller)[/u] [i] This is my next TOS ship the U.S.S. DAGGER. This was used in a main diorama for all the Star Trek conventions here in K.C. This was my second custom built vessel and the first lite model. The DAGGER is armed with standard phasers and a new Quad mount photon launcher slung underneath. Please note the green cloaking curtain(s) that would be mounted into the primary hull on either side, this was to keep the Romulan origin of the cloaking device obvious to all that saw her. NOTE: the back of the model was damaged so all wiring and broke sections of the aft end are REALLY horrible but I hope all get the picture of what she once was. Contact me if more pics or stats are needed. Actually have better pics coming, these are more yellow than anything. I built this ship after my sons cat attacked it and totally destroyed it(Hmmm...NEW class of Klingon vessel "I.K.S. Black cat" :p. ) Some parts were missing like the bridge so I used the pilot era bridge and actually the Constellation (CA1017)was a refit from the Horizon class (CA 1000) hence the 1017 and not 17XX. Plus the fact when the Doomsday episode was filming they used an actual AMT model and only had the 1701 decals to use soo they made a new class of ship to back up the story of 1017. This is MY version of what the Constellation should have looked like after the initial attacks. A dremmel tool and spare parts were used to make the interior of the damaged areas. I then used the soot from the burning of plastic spew to make the blast patterns.The Doomsday devise is also what I have come to suspect to be a prototype weapon used against the Borg, sent across the galaxy to strike at the Borg and there homeworld (V'ger), using innocent planets as fuel for the journey (Book: Vendetta). Thanks for your time, nx9117 [/i] If you are interested in creating one of these interesting and vintage vessels then either contact me (IKS) at starbase26[AT]hotmail.com or nx9117 at nx9117[AT]comcast.net. Also you can respond via the forums too. Thanks :thumbsup: [url="http://legacy.filefront.com/news/Real_Models_to_Mods_Challenge;33373"]Go to Part 1[/url] [url="http://legacy.filefront.com/news/Real_Models_to_Mods_Challenge;33449"]Go to Part 2[/url] [url="http://legacy.filefront.com/news/Real_Models_to_Mods_Challenge;33483"]Go to Part 3[/url] [url="http://legacy.filefront.com/news/Real_Models_to_Mods_Challenge_Part_4_Updated;33834"]Go to Part 4[/url] [url="http://legacy.filefront.com/news/Real_Models_to_Mods_Challenge_Part_5;33994"]Go to Part 5[/url]

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