Say hello to the New Staff Line-Up

By IKS_Yo_Mama 16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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[b][/b]I want you all to say hello and extend a warm welcome to the two newest members of staff. I've handpicked two very competent and hard working members of the FilesNetwork Staff, [b]Gavin1701[/b] and [b]Admiral Hocking[/b]. [b]Gavin1701[/b] is a staff member on Supreme Commander Files and Grand Theft Auto Files (and can be seen scourging the gaming forums from time to time) and [b]Admiral Hocking[/b] is second-in-command over at EF2Files. Both of them are avid Star Trek fans and have been on Filefront for sometime now, in fact [b]Admiral Hocking [/b]has been visiting this site since August and he has the novelty of being the first person to upload a file on this site, Admiral Hocking's wallpaper pack. I have every confidence in the ability of these two members to perform their duties on this site. The way the new scheme goes, Gavin and Hocking will be the new File/News Posters replacing myself and Major Payne. With the departures of both Joelteon and Starforce respectively, I will be taken over at the helm as site administrator and Major Payne will be the sub administrator.... So you are still in safe hands..... ;)

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